SHOPPING : LE - Fall 2013.

This afternoon, the last LE collection was released. 

There were pink, tartan, hearts, purple, plaid, grunge college items and indecent dresses (yes that is too short for my taste and that cleavage.. inappropriate). 
I'm not sure of what this collection was inspired from (but I think it has to do something with this - ugh really), but I feel like being dragged into a weird old Avril Lavigne clip video (damn, that punk girly high school stuff). 


Anyway, some pieces were interesting through. 
I picked up and bought only few things, but they were to me must-haves

First, I think that the plaid dress is a wardrobe indispensable (moreover, it's kinda Cara Delevigne style - perfect these days). 
The see-through dress is more a fun piece I guess - not going to use it every day, but still happy to find in a dressing ! 
Finally, the shoes and the bag are a sure trend this days : huge and thick heels, shiny black color and tartan or nice cut-out feature.

I made you two outfits, in case you were skeptical about my choices.

1. The night out

I was first afraid that my outfit came out with way too much sexual connotations. I mean, underwear are truly appearing here ! Anyway, the black sailor coat and the classic brogue shoes bring structure and definition.. and maybe a serious side compared to the see-through dress, well harmonized with high panties and funny tights, that was perhaps too burlesque.

PPQ coat, Miss Sixty & Basics tights, Lanvin shoes, 
DVF bag, vintage underwear & LE see-through dress.

2. The days inside

That other try is kinda better I think - I'm truly proud of the final result. I really wanted to work with that plaid dress, without falling in the student stereotype, which is something recurring when plaid/tartan is used on clothing (oddly, I know I should think about scottish people, but no). But that's not the point. What came to my mind was to give to that dress a Cara Delevigne vibe - yes her again. It's like showing how fashion-clever you are and at the same time that you will never really grow up. Rebel teenager shoes and a lovely collar are the baby side of the outfit, unlike the fold-over bag and the sad grey shirt are the classy side of that outfit.

Windows on the World shoes, 
vintage bag, shirt and socks, LE dress & Miss Sixty collar.

As a conclusion, I would give this collection a 3/10 : 
the pieces are hard to wear, they truly look like coming from a weird punk doll's wardrobe, and even the 90's pieces are not that good (the design and colors are hard to match with other clothes). 
But that's basically just my opinion
So, what's yours ?

Here you go ! I know it's been such a long time ; maybe one day I'll justify that, but I'm too lazy right know. Just for your information, I travelled a lot those past months, with fresh ideas, new inspirations and stuff.
I missed blogging, and I hope you're glad I'm back !

Stay awesome & take care,
Maurice /Kickherout

OH and here's a memory refresher. I'm sure you'll like it, lol.