September 06, 2016


Hello ! How about a little chat like we do every month for the Hotbuys release
Ok so, things weren't easy this time. When I saw the spoilers the first time, I wasn't thrilled. I couldn't see what I'll do with any of those pieces. Though, I still praised the fact that the "theme" was nice : Italianish, Dolcéandgabban-ish, Guccish, you-know-what-I-mean-ish. I was about to make a "throw back" edition with last year's release, but comparing those two, I ended up thinking that this year's one was more interesting to work with.

I'm just giving you a hint of what I loved about that release. See this as a mood board : pompoms, colors, kitsch, outlandish, bizarre but fun.

Here is what I bought. It isn't much but I think that they are good pieces :
- the pompom earrings : they are so cute !
- the square sunglasses : warning, statement.
- the oversize bag : do I love it or do I hate it ? 

Ok, let's move on to the outfits :

1. Short-haired Florence Welch - HB glasses + PPQ shirt + Isabel Marant bag.
2. Dots plus fur equals pompoms - Saint Laurent coat + PPQ hat + HB earrings.
3. So incognito I could hide behind my bag - HB bag + Dior trousers + DKNY shoes.

So, what do you think ?


September 04, 2016

SHOPPING : LE - Summer 2016

OK, that should have been done earlier, but also at the end of the "Tribute - summer 2016" series. I can't wait. Here is my recap of the last LE release. Beware, I'm not happy.
I don't know if you recall my last LE article. I was definitely hooked by this Spring's release. It was editorially perfect and soooooo so so French - patriotism : ah, well.. This season, they keep on using that nation theme. Good for them. But I don't know what happened with the editorial choice ; too many dress, which means too many limits for creation. To be honest, but we are entering here into my very very personal opinions, I don't like what we were treated with. I couldn't see any potential - but that's just me being picky and narrow minded.

Actually, I think I'm a little bit exaggerating. I bought some things that I found particularly well made. That Saint-Laurent hat is exactly what I was seeking for a long time : no shape of the dolls head that makes it unwearable with long hair. The boots look so cool and that burgundy color matches most of some of my favorite accessories. The shorts have a nice shape and the cat-eyes are always good to give some dimension to a face.

Let's move on to the outfits ; I was able to recreate and update my "perfect" outfit - I think I should introduce it as my resume. I also wanted to make a little tribute to one of my favorite designers that left us last week : the very dear Sonia Rykiel.

1. Marion, 24 years old, jurist lost in a vineyard - Saint Laurent hat & blazer + Cheap Monday shirt & boots + DVF purse.
2. Delicatessen - D&G crown + YSL purse + PPQ trousers.
3. Happy St Germain : Sonia's legacy - Sonia Rykiel top, bag & shoes.

What did you think about this ?
Sorry for the rating.. but :
I'll give it a 4/10.
Not enough to reach the average, but that hat is perfect.
Personal opinion, just personal opinion ok ?


September 01, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 8.

I have to hurry myself a little bit before task 9's results come out !

seven nation army
I'm gonna fight 'hem all !

I'm a huuuuuuuge White Stripes fan, like Elephant is the only CD allowed in my car. Besides, army is always a great theme to work with ! I used to have a military jacket when I was in high school and I always thought it was the coolest ever ! This was this nostalgia that inspired me first. Also, I've already mentioned that I have a thing for the Scandinavian show Bron-Broen ; and the main character's (Sagaaaaaaaa) coat is just a piece to die for ! I also added a little pinch of Chung and my mind was ready to create.

I went step by step. First, I could only compose something very "officer" like, with embroidery and details. But it was already "deja-vu" for me. Then, I tried some mocking-vibe outfit, with peace symbols but I wasn't confortable with that yellow-golden color. Both of these outfits were army-ish but not army-army.
So I cleared up my mind and started from scratch again ; a new hairdo, a bunch of accessories and the best khaki tones I can come up with. I think that the Timberland shoes give the main idea of the outfit ; and I loved to balance them with some tribal-inspired jewelry. My doll is a soldier, but like on the rebel side, as if she was roaming the maquis for quite some time ! My entry was therefore #3.

Here are the judges commentaries :

Still in the competition ! I still feel like, while reading the judges commentaries, that my outfit was too approximate. I have to focus a little more ; I think that what went wrong here was the baggy side of the outfit ; I definitely can't master that technic..

Anyway, here is my little shoutout !
On the judges bench, I loved Rawan's outfit ! I think that what caught my eyes was those shades of khaki : they look so soft ! On the contestant's bench, I cannot compete with Marta. I adore those black inclusions in the outfit ; her doll looks so ready to fight !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..


SHOPPING - Alexander McQueen Tribute

You have no idea how many unfinished articles are queuing in this blog's matrice, waiting for their release. If I may chat a little bit here with you, I must say that this last month Hotbuys release is giving me a true hard time. Still, I also have a commitment to fulfill regarding that last tribute season.
So, without more rambling - sorry but this is mainly the point of this blog after all - let me introduce you the Alexander McQueen tribute store. What can I say ? I have a thing for Alexander McQueen : it's just pure poetry - wait.. haven't I said that before ? But let's be serious for a moment and admire the quality of this fashion empire's work.

But for me, McQueen isn't all about those complicated and almost casually unwearable outfits. I had mixed feelings about that Museum Mile release from quite some time ago - I still had in mind that fabulous Tingeling Halloween first edition tho. So if I had to expect something from that designer, it would have been its funny hats and tartans from 2006 (correct me if I'm wrong).

Still, you know me, I bought a ton of things. The coats were absolutely gorgeous (especially that belted one) ; I got the powdered pink one for 2sd in the bazaar.. still wondering why/how/what happened to that poor little thing.. The dresses are pure McQueen and the shoes are some good staples. I'm not super duper happy but I'm not that disappointed either.

Anyway, time for some styling !

1. I stole that necklace idea from ildg ; there, I said it - McQueen coat + Dior necklace & trousers.
2. Still can't make a difference between a powdered pink butterfly and a moth - McQueen dress + Dior pumps + Prada purse.
3. I need more medals so we can't see those knee holes - McQueen coat + Alice and Olivia hat.

So, how did you feel about this shop ?
Did you buy any ?
until next time :