July 22, 2015

SHOPPING : Balmain Tribute

Hé ! 
It looks like I'm on a inspirational day ! 
lol no, I have loads to catch up so.. hear me ramble for a moment today !

Last week, we had to wave goodbye to the Balmain Tribute store. What can I say.. When I started to get interested in fashion, buying shyly Vogue magazine at the newspaper kiosk, I fell in love with Balmain. That punkish-baroque vibe, that gold everywhere, that studs and those shoulder pads ! such good memories - yep, I should get a life.
But still, I miss this Decarnin era.

So, that Tribute store kinda unsettled me. This is more of a eighty-something vibe ; but I don't know really. The items are well made, the pieces are interesting, but I haven't felt like getting Balmain.. Or maybe it's just me, I'm old and senile !

Here's what I picked :

There are a couple of pieces that I loved - although not-so-Balmain for me. I think that this lace shirt is going to be a must have, and those plain red jacket and bra, perfect.

I made a quick outfit with it :

I shouldn't sound that disappointed
those items are actually nice to use, 
and are making some good basics !

 OK, I couldn't resist.

glad I could share my Balmain memories with you,
cheers x

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 - task 1 (the contestants' review)

Hello hello !
ok, so I'm back from a short holiday in the countryside 
(it happens a lot, and there is still no wifi there.. ugh !)
and I discovered the amazing work of the FM-style's cycle 10 contestants for the first task.
I must say, the level is quite high, and without any surprise, very creative !
Since the girls put a poll on their blog - you have to check this out, 
you can judge and vote yourself and decide who did the best job !

I picked the one I loved the most, and here's why :
(pictures are taken from The Stylish Stardoll Sisters)

This is honestly the one I loved the most, because I wouldn't have done it that way at all ; and it's brilliant ! She definitely has a very unique style, and she can definitely compose it despite of the ties of the task. 
She also worked on textures ; that velvet skirt is truly a great deal, and although it's more a winter fabric, she succeeded in giving it a summery vibe. I also adore the gold detailing, that is popping out  of the whole outfit !

That vest was the most used for this task ; since the contestants didn't know about the other ones dealing with it, I find this very interesting. Here, I picked two outfits that I think are the most relevant regarding that vest.
I still think that, in order to manage a monochromatic outfit, you have to work on the textures ; and a good way of achieving that is to use a huge amount of different fabrics.
Marta-43 used an oversize cotton shirt and a feather skirt ; she completed it with some plain blue accessories, that give a sort of deepness in the outfit, making the navy blue even more navy blue - lol I don't know if you see the point of my sentence.
Milagros1000 used black and see-through items, making the navy blue color in the front of the outfit - its focal point, which was the entire purpose of this task !
I love these two outfits because they are a way of dealing with monochromatic ties : the goal is to make the navy blue pop out ; doing this here with lighter or darker accessories !

That's it !
It was kinda hard to pick one - look at it, there're three here - that is the best.
I genuinely think everyone did a great job - I'm just pointing out some interesting methods here !

Hope you liked it as I did,
cheers mate x

July 09, 2015

SHOPPING : Melbourne Minimalist Tribute

I got a "last chance" mail, so it's time to make a little review before it's gone.

This summer's Tribute releases featured a "Melbourne Minimalist" thing. This is actually, if I recall well, the first tribute not officially branded ; I assume there are a bunch of designers in this shop - especially Dion Lee.
I was kinda skeptical first, like : WOW WHITE /EYES HURT /how am I gonna wear this ? I'm not a big fan of white, I can say that, regardless of common basic shirt and tank tops, I NEVER wear white. It's too bold, too bright, too "damn this is going to be stained in a second".

But, if you're used to my ramblings, you know that I have a thing for minimalism - yep, look closer sister-bro, I swear it ! AND this collection ? MINIMAL. PERFECT. But it took me some time to figure what I wanted to buy from it. It started with the bras (good under any see-through thing) and the loafers (I can smell Alexa Chung from here).

So, here's what I picked :
basics mainly, I was so sad that the "triangle layers" knee-skirt had this mesh thing at the bottom. I would have definitely bought it if there wasn't. OH AND THAT GOWN. I'll find a way to wear it as a long skirt, this could be definitely interesting !

I felt like making a scenery out of it, just to highlight even more the MINIMALIST effect.
I really dig into those pieces, the advantage with them is you can make whatever you want with it, from extra girly to boyish stylish.

AND here's the outfit.
The more I composed it, the more it came out weird, the more I loved it. I wanted to give it some surreal vibe, playing with my Birkin hairstyle and those swinging sixties. So I layered a lot, and put some vertical any-kind stripes, and finished off with a graphic belt. My doll looks officially like a villain from The Avengers.

(the fangirl note : A BIT MORE SD PLEASE,
minimalist is heaven and food for my soul)
this is getting weird, sorry.
Here's a sneak peak at some Dion Lee outfits :

Here you go, hope you liked it as much as I did, 
or you can go back to whatever bright pink things you're wearing. 

cheers x

July 07, 2015

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 - task 1 (my try)

Sometimes, you just roam around SD,
you have no idea of what to do, so you're just :

- filling for the thousand time your virtual changing room 
and buy nothing (we're all broke here) ;

- trying to clean up your suite 
but quickly leave it because you've got a billion pages to scroll 
and that's just not funny at all ;

- checking your friends' page for the hundred time today, 
and remember that we can see on the page who visited it and when 
(I hate it, I always feel like I'm a stalking weirdo) ;

- considering doing a dress-up game 
and remember "no, there're not even updated anymore" ;

you could try competing.

NB: I cannot really remember how I discovered this club,
but I guess my time on SD became more and more interesting.

Mireia and Judith are two sisters
with a bunch of amazing ideas and
a genuine sense of fashion.
They gather for each edition (they call it "cycle")
the top of the fashion cream to help them out
and host one h*ll of a game.

I competed in cycle 8 and 9.
Even though I've lost, 
there's something different about
the people and the atmosphere of
that club that is keeping me interested..

I'm going to follow cycle 10,
called the "secret one",
I'm still not sure how, but certainly
by posting what I would have done and
maybe a recap on what's going on
one task at a time.

If you're interested in learning more,
check out the club here,
or the sisters' blog here.

So, here's the first task (as written in the club's presentation) :

and here's what I made.

                           We've got here a Valentino top, with a Miu-Miu plastic skirt and some Viktor & Rolf shoes - Chanel and D&G accessories and a DVF handbag.

That outfit isn't particularly complex, but I love to mix patterns and textures. Actually, I don't have a lot of navy blue in my virtual wardrobe, but those pieces together seem to fit well. I guess it comes from the fact that this is a deep blue, but since it's not as dark as black, we can still distinguish the different shades made by the textures. The pieces are all the same color, but still you can tell when they begin and when they stop.

That's all for now,
have fun,
and prepare to be stun' !
hahahahahhaha erm.