April 03, 2015

RANDOM : My first SD achievement !

Hello people !

This is just a post where I'm going to brag about my very first achievement.
I never thought that it was actually possible to be selected by the SD team, and to sort of appear in the ranking of one of their dress up contest... but now I believe (-lol).

In fact, I received this in my inbox today :

And I was like "yeaa.. wtf ?" and then I recalled the Gaga contest that sort of came with the March Madness thing ; and so I ran to the contest page to see if there were any other information. 
I was served :

Congrats to _MiLuTkA_, and the bunch of others featured !

So, #2? HELL YEAH! I know this is a very tiny little baby victory
and as the second, you're the number one of the losers (-lol jk). 

this kinda gave me a huge smile for 5 minutes. 
I enter contests just for fun, and to sort of challenge myself - also you learn a lot when you compete against very creative people - you should definitely check fm-style club, this was by far one of my favorite styling competitions on the game ! 
Anyway, people, it happens. Do competitions, trust yourself, get involved, have fun and, well, you never know, maybe you'll be SD #2 dressing game champion for a day :)

With all my love,
you're welcome to share a tear and a biscuit with me
whenever you want, wherever you want !

CHEERS my little monsters x

and this is what I made, in case you were curious !

April 02, 2015

SHOPPING : Young Hollywood, Kim & Kanye

I know, I'm super late. This is just a review since the items are not available anymore.
Spring has sprung, and so has Young Hollywood. This limited store has always been my little "madeleine de Proust" : you can find some great well-designed items (alongside the ugliest of the game), that were - my favorite part - supposed to be "as seen on" random famous people.

did she say "random" ?

This edition was made of what Kim and Kanye wore at the Paris Fashion week. There was a first release including Kim's wig and a couple of necklace, and a second one with their complete outfits.

I went completely nuts on the jacket : I love them worn "Italian style" - on the shoulders, and this one is just a basic - timeless piece : black, no useless features, minimalistic, perfect. This is definitely my favorite item.
I also bought Kanye's necklace. I love very thin and discret jewelry, and this one particularly caught my eye for it fits so well the ideal I had in mind. I think I'm going to use it on all of my future outfits for quite a while !
The third piece I chose is the Balmain inspired dress. This is the complete opposite of my two previous choices : you can't really match it with anything.. But I love the detailing of the lace. Plus, it has shoulder pads and a fun length, so I said to myself, why not ?

Here's what I made :

Young Hollywood jacket & necklace, Chanel dress and DVF bag.

I love how "everyday-ish", effortless this outfit is. Really, I'm impressed by the quality of the pieces offered by this collection. I even think I'm starting to get into that Kim & Kanye style !

Anyway, that was a pretty quick recap
and I would give this YH edition a 8/10 ;

great, but with a moreish aftertaste.. which is extremely positive !

I'm sure you enjoyed it, aren't you ?

cheers x