January 23, 2016

YGTL - yulissahermosa

I think this is not going to be the only article about this lovely person. He is a designer - that's how I first got to know him, but also one of FM-style's cycle 11 contestant.

I though I was about to make a "street style" column here, but when I visited his suite, I was both amazed and flabbergasted, and I changed my mind a little bit ! So, let me introduce the first SD member on YGTL - creative edition.

I think I may recall well, but yulissahermosa is a boy from an hispanic speaking country, Columbia. He is very talented with making art into very cosy sweatshirts, and many other things (I need that Bowie portrait by the way), but this dress.. I love the lining of the butterflies like this is no another butterfly dress, this is a dress with a genuine butterfly fabric - tremendous isn't it ? The cleavage is perfect and the styling of the doll is just making the dress popping out even more !

Get to know yulissahermosa :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why there is a stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !


January 21, 2016

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 11 - task 4

I usually post a little explanation with my outfit on imgur just to be sure everyone understand my point of view - told you about my showoff attitude ! BUT imgur is being a dork and doesn't want to obey me today. I would have prefer to post you the outfit with the results but since the judges verdicts are not available now and I NEED to speak about what I've done, I'll make a recap next time.

Task four :
highway to hell
cos that's where we're all going honey ! haha is that from a movie ?

Funerals. I hate funerals as much as I love them. I hate them because it's always terrible to loose someone, and I love them because it's gathering people (I think I cannot be stupider than that). I was a little skeptical about this task - and I guess it must be because of the double elimination that will happen at the end of it. So I procrastinated until I reach my least favorite part of the week - the middle : thursday, when I usually have a little nervous breakdown (yes, this article is going to be a little awkward). I thought that it could be handy in this particular case.
Well, I can ramble a lot about this, but long story short - and for the sake of your mental health - this is what came out.

Funerals are, I guess, the occasion of expressing your emotions through your outfits. I'm going to talk about me again but, as I'm a heartless person who care for nothing but me, I came to a simple equation in order to avoid possible disrespectful manners : no emotion on the face = emotions pined on the chest. Always a win ! (just ignore that).
So I loaded my doll with the darkest and oppressive black I could find (a little highlight with a grey-ish shirt to balance it), and sober yet austere clothes to be as neutral - respectful - as possible (mid-length black skirt, grandma bag and laced up shoes are a terrific combo here). And VOILA ! my doll looks like she's not having the time of her life ! hahahahahaha erm.

Stay tuned for the results,
I'm going to cheer myself up a little bit
and see you tomorrow !


January 18, 2016

SHOPPING : Oscar de la Renta Tribute

I have so much to say about this store and yet not much to show...
Actually, Oscar de la Renta's fashion is astonishing : the way the dresses are made, the elegant looks... it genuinely screams perfection ! but (there's always a "but"), I don't find myself in these kind of shop. I admire the looks and styles, but that's not for me. The main reason is : how am I supposed to wear this when we're not in a "gala" mood ? I just don't find any handling for those clothes.

Still, I bought a couple of pieces : the white see-through laced shirt and the black flower-ish one. I truly hesitate to add in my basket the black and white striped gown, but eh.. I won't have any use of this.

There is something amazing about this shirt I just used here : it's actually very versatile and I think that this is going to make a twist to any sad outfit !

what are your feelings about this kind of store ?


YGTL - 19catwoman

A long time ago, I used to have a column in USD. A very long time ago ! M_Themis gathered a team of 4-5 people (I don't know exactly how many we were) so we judged people we spotted on SD ; it was called "captured"... The thing is, you know my relationship with "longtime commitment" : it's zero ; I lasted a couple of months, after ditching also another column I was in charge of called "designers" where I taught the readers about the fashion industry. Nevertheless, it was a tremendous experience ! The people in my team were sweethearts and we found amazing SD members with amazing styling talent. Still, I had my first hater (the best time of my life, he/she was the perfect troll I had so much fun to respond to - don't do this, that's what they expect), and my first weird stalker (ahahah fanatics.. such memories !), and I learnt how to behave in the SD blogosphere.

Nowadays, everyone do this - excepted me, which is a shame since I'm spattered by talent every time I log on the site.

So, for the very first time on NSM/BTD (really, I had no idea what I had in mind when choosing the name of this blog), I present you "You've got the look !", the first column here about me complimenting a SD member for her/his sense of fashion that happen to be exactly in harmony with my preferences

We do not learn much about that Polish citizen's profile, but still, that outfit is awesome ! I love the boxy effect of the coat, the sleek hairstyle and the texturized boots ; it looks a little "matrix" but that is actually what's interesting. The cherry on top is, of course, the deer horns necklace. Since the outfit is plain black, this accessory is really popping out and it balance the sci-fi vibe of the rest.

Get to know 19catwoman :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why I put the stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !


January 17, 2016

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 11 - task 3

Results of task 3 were released today, so : 
time for a little recap of what I did this week.

Task three :
don't you worry child
I know it's not this one, but I'm picturing slow-mo dogs running right now.

Sweden. ABBA, Acne, Alexander Skårsgård : a country full of A-list things. Healthy, logical and sharp perfectionism ; I'm everything but comfortable with this - even a little scared I must admit. I want to do this right so I have to build a favorable environment. I started with my doll's face :

This was the best I can do - and I'm so happy about that ! I got rid of her eyes' mask and re-worked the shadows on her face - it had to have more definition and the makeup had to be extremely nude. I finished off with that LE wig that have a very good shading combined with that nordic blonde hair color.

For the clothes, since I did OK for task 2, I thought I should get back to a complete preparation of this new task ; I separated a selection of clothing in a room and started composing a bunch of outfits. 

I wasn't happy with the first batch and tossed it right away : I focused on pop culture a lot and what I'm obsessed now about Sweden (there is no point arguing here, that wasn't at all what was expected by the judges in the task's description). Because I'm a little showoff, I'm going to share it with you.
It's very inspired by my idea of Swedish pop-culture, and especially music. I don't watch a lot of movie-shows from there (apart from Millennium's trilogy ; but I'm addicted to their authors tho - I can give you a list of books if you want), but I love to discover any new sound made by this country

1. "I got money, I'll pay for it"
sportswear-grunge should be Elliphant's definition of style. Although very snugly, playful and minimalistic, I needed more discipline in that composition. This is definitely Swedish, but not enough "cliché" as every teenager in this world can be dressed like so.

2. "Mamma Mia, here I go again" :
yep, ABBA. I am a fan. A huuuuuge fan ! So obviously, I couldn't resist. Glitter, sparkle, satin bodysuit : and I just loved how it turned out :) but it was a little off-beat - more like a cosplay.

3. "My style is the bomb didi bom di deng gi deng..." :
Pop and graphic, a little cartoon-esque over the edges. This is my favorite Robyn's era : it's entertaining, positive and fresh - even a little eager. But still, I do believe that a Swedish outfit has to show a little "distant" vibe.

The second batch was more satisfying : grey and pastel tones, basic shaped outfits... That should do better than the previous one ! I remember when I went to Stockholm for this one. I stayed there for less than a week, but I think I had the time to figure out a little bit about Swedish fashion. 

First : boots, period. The low, leathery and simple ones. They also seem to be into clogs - I bought a pair of stuffed ones, best slippers ever - but I was too shy to style them here.
Second : a beanie. A black one, and nothing else. It was summer when I went there, but since the weather was cold, almost everyone had a beanie on their heads and I loved the contrast it can give to an almost-formal outfit.

These were the two items I wanted to work with ; so I used them for the three next outfits...

Those three outfits are classics. I mean, I can make a description for each of them, but I feel like they show the same idea I've talked about at the beginning of this article : minimalist, logic, practical. But I felt that #2 and #3 were not as representative as #1 ; so I chose that first one to enter this task.

Here's what the judges said :
Marta-43: Love the fact that you comment your entries, really helps me to understand your outfits and inspirations! I like your outfit for the main reason that I usually associate "minimalist" with "elegant" and "impeccable clothes", and you've demonstrated that you can perfectly wear a casual, comfortable and minimalistic look at the same time.
mirdith: Let me say first that I love how you changed your hair for that one. Looks totally Swedish! Minimal outfit, not too much accessories (coming from you it's totally different from what we are used to see!)... However I'm not too sure about the bag and the color combo of that tee with the coat. Not bad but I expect better ;)
judith_25: Mmm... I think you can do better. I'm not very sure about this outfit. The colour combination as Mireia said it's not my favourite and the shoes don't convince me either. I like the beanie though.
missiwantitall: I can see what you tried to do, but something isn’t right sorry. The hat is disturbing me a lot :p If it doesn’t fit, I wouldn’t have chosen it sorry. Maybe a pair of jeans/black pants would have been better instead of skirt and tights? And the placement of the bag looks weird sorry. You get a plus point for writing a personal text about your inspiration and look! 

The results were mixed. I do agree about that beanie ; I could have made the same as on my first batch - the Elliphant outfit - but the black color was too intense and I was desperate to use a beanie. I loved the grey scale of tones, but my jeans/pants collection wasn't satisfying enough to build an outfit with. And the bag - well, that's a classic fail of trying to emulate a cross-body bag with a handbag and an over-shoulders coat.

Still in the middle of the list - I really need to move my bottom out of there and start an actual climb !
My feeling : well, to quote Judith, "Mmm... I think you can do better" !

Just a special mention :
bornthiswaay did what I couldn't do. Rawan's outfit was my favorite of the week !

So, how would you have judged it ? 
I want to hear about your feelings :)
Stay tuned !

January 14, 2016

SHOPPING : Après-Ski's sale

So, half of the shop is on sale right now,
maybe it's the occasion to build a perfect wintery wardrobe !

I've never been a true fan of very seasonal shops, since for me, they are really useful for cosplay - and this can be a little pejorative. I'm not a good scenarist on SD, but when I do, it's usually not planned and because of a mood (like I did for Bowie recently). Still, this shop has a lot to offer, even though I found that half of it consist of very weird sized skirts and stuffs that give my doll a weird body shape. So I bought a lot of sc things - like snowflakes earrings my doll will probably never wear (but eh, sc !), and here are my absolute favorites.

Ok, I cheated. I already own the dress and the coat ; but since they are part of the sale, I guess I can include them here. They're on one side very versatile pieces, and on the other side a true statement

Here is how I styled them :

1. Paris is freezing : Chanel coat, AS scarf and bag.
2. Yellow frozen spring : Gucci bag, AS dress and shoes.
3. Bourgeois' cold walk : Sonia Rykiel hat, DVF purse, AS coat and puddle (Bern).

So, did you buy anything ?

Share the love,

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 & 11 - recap

Yes, you know what I'm talking about - and if you don't, well, you have no excuse (like I have no excuse for not posting anything since the last time I've talked about it !).
So, if you haven't done it yet, follow FM-style and check the Stylish Stardoll Sisters as a starter. You're done ? OK.
Let's do a little recap of what happened last cycle. I left you with my task 1 review of the 10th cycle ; spoiler alert : Marta-43 won (check her blog here, she's talented !). She's now one of FM-style's new judges, alongside our favorite sisters and a bunch of lovely people. AND I'm a contestant. Again. Yes. C:

This cycle is not a special one 
- but the tasks are still that challenging ! 
I haven't been posting about my outfits 
since I'm super lazy right now, 
but I'll sum it up for you.

Task one :
Blue jeans, white shirt
each time I see this written somewhere, I sing. It's automatic. 

I was so happy and confident : minimalistic, white, blue... what can go wrong ? well, EVERYTHING. Since you don't have to load a lot your outfit (exactly what I haven't done - bravo me. urgh), the tiniest of the details become the biggest. I'm in a wrapping mood ; which is not helpful at all - it's freezing here and my IRL self is dressed like Yoda. So I may have overlapped a little too much. AND, worst of all, the gold and silver duet. When I got the judges' feedback, it was the only thing that made me truly mad about my outfit. "Pay attention goddammit !" I said before punching me right in the face (lol).
But still, I was happy how it came out : the ribbon and the white shirt - classic Patti Smith here - gave a twist to the outfit, and that jeans - oh I love them, one of my favorites of all time !

I can't remember exactly what mark I got, but I was in the middle of the list.
My feeling : I can do better.

Task two :
Sweater weather
a.k.a. the imposed red turtleneck.

In this task, I had to use one piece : a red turtleneck. I wasn't happy or confident. I never use turtlenecks. I don't know why : I don't particularly hate them, but I just can't compose with them. Since my last task wasn't a success, I had to be wise. What does it remind me of ? Where am I most likely to see one of those ? Nouvelle vague, French sixties and seventies, Wes Anderson. That's a wrap ! So, helped by my doll's new wig (Alechave is the ultimate God of pixelated hair) that tremendously looks like Margot Tenenbaum's haircut, I got a lot of inspiration : it had to be simple, a little retro but still very modern, just like an emergency equation you can apply when you have to wear something you're not comfortable with.

Apparently, I did great ; the judges were pleased and I ended in the top 3 !
My feeling : that was a close shave !

That's all for now !
This time, I promise I'll post more about it :)


January 10, 2016

SHOPPING : Balmain Tribute

Hello ! It's been a while, I'm sorry. 
I can find a billion excuses for my absence : 
laziness, boredom, business, real-life, blank-page syndrome.. whatever, you choose !

But anyway, I feel like doing a "Balmain Tribute" review is actually funny because my last article was about Balmain and, most of all, it seems that SD finally heard my prayers ! Well, almost - let me explain.

Sparkle, baroque, pearls, embroidery, dark colors, glam-rock.. 
These are a little bit more visible in the last Balmain collection, I couldn't be happier ! But the thing is, as much as I love the ethnic vibe the new designer gave to the brand, I don't recognize my preferences here ; and I'm still trying to find out why. 
I guess it must partly be the Karda$hians' effect (yes, you know perfectly what I mean by $ - it's getting harder and harder for me to tolerate people making a career on a sextape). On one hand, I'm glad they lately put that brand on top (sometimes I feel like they must be sponsored by the brand) because it really deserves attention : the quality of the fabrics and the work on them are marvelous. But, on the other hand, I hate the fact that the brand can now easily be assimilated to the Karda$hians. In my mind, Balmain is "Versailles going punk" - still talking Decarnin here, and SD renamed half of the pieces with Karda$hians' names. I don't know, but there's a huge gap between my idea of Balmain and Karda$hians wearing Balmain. In a nutshell, I think my problem is the Karda$hians - but there's no accounting for taste.

Still, and sorry for being such a downer, I loved the collection ; and I bought half of the shop ! 

Anyway, I made a bunch of outfits with my purchase, 
maybe more Versailles-punk than Karda$hianish
Hahahaha sorry not sorry.

From left to right :
1. Stripes and lace : Balmain shirt and over-skirt, DVF purse, PPQ coat.
2. Queen's run away : Balmain vest and dress, Lanvin shoes.
3. Busy AF : Balmain blazer and purse.

ahhh.. such feelings !

Anyway, that's all for now, 
I wish you a bunch of happiness for 2016,
hugs and cheers x

"you talk like Marlene Dietrich, and you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire, your clothes are all made by Balmain..."