June 16, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Partnership with the Stylish Stardoll Sisters & MYLEstyle

I officially opened the PARTNERSHIP section of this blog ! YAY !
I'm very proud to share with you here a little column about blogs I love to follow. I actually love to discover new blogs about SD ; there are so many creative people out there ! It took me some time to figure out where my blog was going, and I remember when starting it (back in 2013 ?) that I had a very low opinion of my ability to commit to something such as this.
Anyway ; I met a bunch of people there - I cannot thank more Stardoll's Most Wanted for that (side note : the blog is back on tracks, check it out !), and some very amazing ones ! Fortunately, they agreed on us being partners.

The "partner" section will appear 
in the tab on top of the articles, 
so make sure to check it out !

Judith and Mireia are the owners of FM-style. They share on that blog all their thoughts about fashion (definitely love "Surrounded by trends"), and publish inspirational lookbooks from time to time. Furthermore, if you're going to follow this FM-style summer cycle, this is a good place to start !

About MYLEstyle :

I met Marta through competitions, and she is a strong challenger ! Her blog is mostly about her style and how she feels about fashion ; I especially love when she "battles" herself - make sure to vote in her polls ! Even if this is a real personal blog, I still have so much to learn from her portfolio !

How about you ?
What's your favorite blog ?
Tell me !


PS : do you want to be here ? 
contact me on SD @kickherout !

June 15, 2016

SHOPPING - Young Hollywood

This could have been a totally pointless article, but I actually want to share here what I call a small relief. I finally succeeded in finding the PERFECT pair of stilettos. Like : perfect shape, perfect color, perfect height
They came in the last Young Hollywood release. I'm not sure about this edition. Named as "the MET one", it was supposed to gather some great outfits spotted at this event. The SD batch was OK, but I wish that some of my favorites were actually in it.

I ended up buying a handful of things : that gown with stars which looks so silky, two cropped top with long sleeves because why not, and THOSE STILETTOS.

Here's how I styled those. I am not going to show the gown since it's itself already an outfit. It's not really MET themed, but I love how "fierce" it turned out !

1. Persephone - YH top, Celine skirt and a certain pair of boots goddammit
2. Diane - YH top, Celine skirt (wait, what ?), Prada purse and Saint Laurent carpet fur.
3. Juno - YH stilettos, the rest doesn't matter, yeah really...

Anyway, what did you got ?
How do you feel about
that MET event ?

x M.

June 13, 2016


This is mid-june and this is last month's hot buys edition. Haha, better late than never right ?
So, this edition was taken from Dolce & Gabbana's collections, and this is very faithful to the brand : floral, laced and feminine shaped. I must say that I love when an hot buys collection is inspired by a designer : I feel like this is more logical as something to look up for the rest of the month (remember Aprils' ones, still don't get it do you ?), and this is like a little Tribute goodie before the Tribute season !

Anyway, I thought that I won't buy a lot since Dolce & Gabbana isn't really "my thing", but I must admit that there were a bunch of interesting things that emptied my wallet in a minute.

Here's what I bought :
- the shift dress : this pattern is everything and its shape will allow me to use it also as a skirt.
- the roses heels : they look like a masterpiece since the shape is high and narrow (perfect).
- the earrings : they look summery as h*ll.
- the embellished pants : love its denim color and the embroidery isn't tacky.
- the shoulder bag : there are orange and daisies on it, period.
- the headpiece : the must-have of this batch, ideal to glamorize every outfit.

Jumping to the outfits : every item is used here. I actually wanted to change my doll's wig to give it an Italian vibe or something more caliente, but I'm truly massively in love with this Sorigugu's hairstyle. I'm definitely rooting for her for this stardesigner competition to come !

Anyway, let's take a dip in these "PLEASE SUMMER, WHERE ARE YOU" outfits (it's rainy where I am, everything is ruined by this June's weather. I hate this weather. Do I need to be more specific about it ? I despite it)

1. Me ? Come on, I just picked the first shirt I found in my wardrobe. It's not even clean. - D&G earrings + dress skirt.
2. I recycled this outfit from Roland Garros to watch the Euro Cup, hope you don't mind... - D&G pants.
3. The graphic designer's mother/boss/coworker-enemy - D&G heels.
4. I'm preparing myself to an undercover trip to Italy. No one must know. - D&G headpiece and bag.

Ok, we're done now.
Stay hydrated,


SHOPPING - Antidote

WHY am I always late these days ?
Ok so, welcome back everyone - I know, it's been a month ! anyway, no more useless (c)hit-chat, we have so much to catch up. So, in order of appearance, the Antidote shop was the first. Let's talk a little bit about this, shall we ?

When Antidote showed up for the first time, I thought that this was a very promising shop. It was limited but not so expensive, and it had a real arty editorial line. But now, with all its up and down collections, I'm not sure what this is about. For instance, arty isn't the moto of the shop if you look at its last collection.
In fact, it looks more like a wedding (be careful, there's most likely going to be a divorce after that - L.O.L.) between aviation and military and nightclubs. The quality of the things is good and I'm happy on that side. But I think I need more fun things (like that Jeremy Scott collection I missed or this fox fur) ; this is a little "boring" for Antidote...

Anyway, this is what I bought - yeah, there's a lot. I fell in love with that green shirt and the bomber jacket ; but I'm not sure about that denim dress-thing... But I'm having ideas for it ! The rest is more for a basics renewal, nothing special about it.

NOW, outfits ;
I couldn't use everything - I'm still a lazy person hehe. 

1. Try not to use the Cheap Monday boots, try not to use the Cheap Monday boots, try not to use the Cheap Monday boots - Antidote stars shirt + klein skirt and some not Cheap Monday boots.
2. Is that snake skin on the pockets ? - Antidote skirt + bomber jacket.
3. I just can't get enough of that shirt those boots - Antidote leopard shirt and those Cheap Monday boots because I do whatever I want anyway.
4. The return of the graphic designer, with a bigger portfolio - Antidote denim shirt + portfolio bag.

That's all folks
for the first Antidote review
of this blog ;)

Hope you're all ok,