September 20, 2013

SHOPPING : LE - Fall 2013.

This afternoon, the last LE collection was released. 

There were pink, tartan, hearts, purple, plaid, grunge college items and indecent dresses (yes that is too short for my taste and that cleavage.. inappropriate). 
I'm not sure of what this collection was inspired from (but I think it has to do something with this - ugh really), but I feel like being dragged into a weird old Avril Lavigne clip video (damn, that punk girly high school stuff). 


Anyway, some pieces were interesting through. 
I picked up and bought only few things, but they were to me must-haves

First, I think that the plaid dress is a wardrobe indispensable (moreover, it's kinda Cara Delevigne style - perfect these days). 
The see-through dress is more a fun piece I guess - not going to use it every day, but still happy to find in a dressing ! 
Finally, the shoes and the bag are a sure trend this days : huge and thick heels, shiny black color and tartan or nice cut-out feature.

I made you two outfits, in case you were skeptical about my choices.

1. The night out

I was first afraid that my outfit came out with way too much sexual connotations. I mean, underwear are truly appearing here ! Anyway, the black sailor coat and the classic brogue shoes bring structure and definition.. and maybe a serious side compared to the see-through dress, well harmonized with high panties and funny tights, that was perhaps too burlesque.

PPQ coat, Miss Sixty & Basics tights, Lanvin shoes, 
DVF bag, vintage underwear & LE see-through dress.

2. The days inside

That other try is kinda better I think - I'm truly proud of the final result. I really wanted to work with that plaid dress, without falling in the student stereotype, which is something recurring when plaid/tartan is used on clothing (oddly, I know I should think about scottish people, but no). But that's not the point. What came to my mind was to give to that dress a Cara Delevigne vibe - yes her again. It's like showing how fashion-clever you are and at the same time that you will never really grow up. Rebel teenager shoes and a lovely collar are the baby side of the outfit, unlike the fold-over bag and the sad grey shirt are the classy side of that outfit.

Windows on the World shoes, 
vintage bag, shirt and socks, LE dress & Miss Sixty collar.

As a conclusion, I would give this collection a 3/10 : 
the pieces are hard to wear, they truly look like coming from a weird punk doll's wardrobe, and even the 90's pieces are not that good (the design and colors are hard to match with other clothes). 
But that's basically just my opinion
So, what's yours ?

Here you go ! I know it's been such a long time ; maybe one day I'll justify that, but I'm too lazy right know. Just for your information, I travelled a lot those past months, with fresh ideas, new inspirations and stuff.
I missed blogging, and I hope you're glad I'm back !

Stay awesome & take care,
Maurice /Kickherout

OH and here's a memory refresher. I'm sure you'll like it, lol.

September 03, 2013

Back Baby !

Haha. Fresh brain coming back from a long holiday. 

little reader, 

and stay tuned for more inanity :)

with all my love,

Maurice/ Kickherout.

April 08, 2013

SHOPPING : LE - Spring 2013.

At least, here's what I picked up in the last LE collection.

I was actually starving for LE for weeks, and when I learnt about the new collection, I was both excited and worried
How was it gonna be like ? What would be the theme
and most important of everything : am I going to be disappointed again ?

This season, the collection looks like inspired by the nineties, the punk spirit, the street and Madonna's early years (wtf!?). I think I'll buy the decor later, it looks really great and grungy.
I must say that I regret, like a whole bunch of the Stardoll community, the previous collections. I mean, I feel like the designs are going cheaper in the way they are made. Unfortunately, it was like I over-expected this collection. I usually buy a dress (a real designer dress), a bag (it-bags has been LE's speciality for a while) and if I have enough money left, I like spending it on shoes and accessories.

Obviously, no bag or dress here. Although those type of items weren't that great, I must admit that I was quite impressed by the quality of their "smaller" piece of clothing. The designs are nice, particularly the black items (as you may notice, I only bought that kind of stuff), maybe because they are not-that-risky (small spikes, plain colors, one pattern, plain textures) and look easily wearable and easy to match with any kind of stuffs.

Anyway. I also thought that spikes were dead (ah, those Balmain days..), but I'm glad that this collection showed me the opposite.
So here we go, for a sort-of-spiky outfit. I put out again my Zac Posen headband and recall all my fashionable-punk knowledge.

This spring LE's shorts.

I actually thought I was ready to show you a declination of all the items with their very own outfit, but I wasn't that inspired and I decided to show you only the one with the shorts (less is more, and a french saying remind me that : if you doubt about it, give up on it).
I know that this is a very simple piece of clothing, but I also think that this tells a lot more than it shows. With that kind of short, you can decline many different styles. I picked up the easy one (moody me !), the grunge-punk-sort-o'-stuff (hence the shoes and the bracelets). I decided to add some complexity too, giving it a romantic touch with that forgotten soldier's jacket (told you about Balmain, this could be my little tribute here -you can share a tear), and an old LE lace shirt (from Maje, my real life favorite shirt). I finished the look by giving it structure (my favorite part you know) with that "office type" bag from DVF.

As a conclusion, I must say that I was half disappointed by the collection (we are used to a little more), and half glad that I could renew my black basics wardrobe
So I give it a 6/10.

What did you think about that collection
Did you buy anything ? and how would you rate it ?

Yours truly, 
and devoted to you,

Maurice/ Kickherout.

April 02, 2013

SHOPPING : The March's Sale.

I know I may be a little late for this "shopping" review, since the Miss Sixty store isn't on sale anymore
But anyway, here's my pick of this month's sale.

I'm not a huge fan of the Miss Sixty boutique. I mean, I don't buy from it a lot (except when I have a crush), and when I heard about the sale, I thought I would not buy anything from it. But, you know, you start scrolling the pages and putting thing in your shopping bag, you start building outfits on your doll in that dressing room and finally, you buy tons of things that you won't really use, for money you could have spent on something better (LE is coming, right ?).
So I really limited myself on that sale thing. While scrolling the pages, I focused on basics (like : buy a sort of coat you don't already have) and sticked to a restricted number of ideas (buy that piece of clothing you noticed when it first came out, buy things in order to create a precise look..), and I'm really proud to say that I think I chose my items wisely !

I actually had an old Kate Moss 's look in mind that I really looked forward to recreate, and I wanted to buy that orange shorts and that kaki jacket for quite a while, so here we go ;

1. The Kate

I actually refer to the photo above, but instead of an everyday outfit, I wanted to go with something classier. To cope with the fur, I added a draped dress, and I gave a little "art deco" touch with the belt. Oh, and sorry about the cat intrusion on the photo :S

Hat and coat from Miss Sixty's sale.

2. The coat

I was truly looking for that sort of coat for a long time ! It's actually a very relaxed item, and so I wanted to give it an "hello, I'm going to the office" look. That's why I added a pair of edgy shoes, a classic bag and a cute dress. The "lovely" effect of the headband matches both the wild-hippie side of the jacket and the cutie-pie side of the dress.

Coat from Miss Sixty's sale.

3. The shorts

I first wanted to put a white shirt with it, but I realized that it could be way more fun to throw another orange item on it and to combine it with pearls. No, honestly, I really made this one in a very random way, like associating things with each other until the whole thing comes to my taste. Days come and go, sometimes inspiration with it and other times not. It happens, right ?

Shorts from the Miss Sixty's sale.

What about you ? Did you buy any ?

Hope you enjoyed this,
your devoted,
Maurice/ Kickherout

(Stardoll made me do that look- I ain't responsible about this)

March 28, 2013

5! : "I hate to turn out of the blue, uninvited" -Adele

5! is a super cool chronicle I just invented, basically because I needed to find a concept to explain why I chose an idea and turned it into five outfits. Does it makes sense ? meowdon'tknow..

NO MORE USELESS CHEET-CHAT, and let's spread the love. Well, almost.

As you must have read the title, the theme should be pretty obvious. Well, groofy dorks would think "whaaat?", normally people would whisper "Someone like you" and super-clever ones would yell "discussing fashion + this particular lyric of the song (color named in that sentence) = BLUE THEMED ARTICLE" ; and yes you are right.

Blue has never been my favorite color at all. I mean, I never used to have any clothes of that color until Monday, -yes, that day when I received my last online order. As my new lovely item is fully blue, I was stuck with the awful upheaval "how am I going to wear this ?", until I reached my computer and tried stuffs with my Stardoll wardrobe (-that's a good simulation device) to get used to that color. AND THERE WE GO !

So I picked up what looks like to be the perfect blue must-haves.
We chose plain blue dresses (this is challenging), blue accessories and some black items, to reduce the "pain in the eye" effect.

1. Hello everyday

Here is the kinda basic blue outfit I might wear on a random day. The blue pattern and the dark blue skirt makes the outfit very easy to have on, and the black accessories bring structure and edge (the cross necklace and the buckle shoes give a "out-of-line" style to break the blue's calm and relaxing aspect) to the whole set. Notice the little reminder : blue socks through the shoe's buckle.

what is worn :
Young Hollywood "Olivia woven silk blouse", YSL Tribute "Navy miniskirt", PPQ "Cornflower socks", 
Tingeling "Safety strap boots", Fallen Angel "Cross necklace" & DVF Tribute "Black foldover purse".

2. Incognito

Now, let's try to make the blue "less blue" with blue. Sounds weird ? well, I mean here : building up an outfit which is lovely and effortless, and also not so awfully blue. Picture this : you are a super-wanted person and you wish to spend some quiet times. Blue means the sea, the holidays, the sky, the plane, the peacefulness. I chose here to put different kinds of blue : bright for the dress, sky for the bag and baby-blue for the hat. The more lighten is the blue, the more peaceful you can feel. Well, that's how I see it. And always a touch of black to give structure.

what is worn :
Special Offer "Blue pieced knit dress" -H&M inspired, Riviera "Sky blue hat", 
Sonia Rykiel Tribute "Clear shoes", It Girls "Deep black sunnies" & It Girls "Blue saddle bag".

3. Arty TIME !

Let's try now with a difficult item : the plain blue arty dress. A plain color thing is already hard to assemble with other clothes, because it's strong and attracts the eye. Combined with an arty shaped dress, it gets worse. Arty often means unusual, and here we have a good example with that dress with ruffles on its side. That just signifies that you can wear such a dress, but nothing else or this is going to be a disaster (too much too much is never good). Hence the problem : thanks for the advice but what about the shoes and other accessories ? well, they can actually help wearing that dress. Well-chosen (yes, nothing but black -please) they tend to minimize the "too much" aspect of the dress : black tiny belt, black collar, black shoes, and so on. And now, it's just a pleasure to admire that beautiful blue dress !

what is worn :
Antidote "Side ruffle sheath", Anna Sui Tribute "Maxfield socks", Gucci Tribute "Black wishbone thin belt", 
Decades "Flapper collar" & "Northshore heels", & Window on the World "Jil Sander clutch".

4. Date

Now you wonder if such a bright color can be worn anytime. I mean like "Can I seriously wear blue for a job interview AND a night out ?". Obviously, the answer is YES. Although this color is often associated with peacefulness, we can easily notice the fun side of the color, used plain and bright. Therefore, worn as a lovely and short party dress, with a nice it-bag and a pair of pumps, will give self-confidence to the outfit (queeeeeeen ooooof the niiiiight !). Nevertheless, do not forget the black touch (chose to wear it on top or toes to surround/give structure to the outfit).

what is worn :
Sonia Rykiel Tribute "Quilted bubble dress", Antidote "Henri Matisse inspired heels", Basics "Basic black bra" 
& LE "North shore surf bag" -Jimmy Choo inspired.

5. La pointue

This outfit is the last, but not the less impressive. Blue is already a very punchy color (hence the fact that I tried to remind you how important it is to wear touches of black for the structure), so when you combine it with some arty outfit and some unusual matters, it can quickly be a huge NO. That's why I chose here to play with sheer matters and fabric and superposition and other super-risky stuffs, so your NO turns into a YES (or not, that's a matter of taste -I'm just trying you know). To get round that problem, I picked up just one sort of blue. I also played with the sheerness and the shortness of the outfit, and unstructured/blurred it with a huge ribbon belt. Finally, I added an it-bag (because "pointue" in french means sharp, but also clever -hence the Mulberry choice), and a BLACK ITEM (you know what I'm talking about).

what is worn :
Windows on the World "Sheer long tunic", Bonjour Bizou "High waist shorts", DKNY "Oversized bow belt", 
PPQ "T-Strap platforms" & It Girls "Purple purse".

That's all folks ! I hope this would be helpful, I actually don't claim to be an aesthete so please do not yell at me.. Anyway, I would love to hear your feedback about that or whatever you wanna say in the comment section below !

Oh, and here's the item of clothing I was talking about earlier :
Tu-Cool - Emma Mulholland

Take care,
your devoted Maurice/ Kickherout.

March 27, 2013

Over and over and over again.

I did not really plan on doing this again, but the urge to speak out loud about random fashion stuff (and basically Stardoll business I mean) is becoming kinda oppressive
You might know me from somewhere, mainly because you had the courage to type my url onto your url bar, or head from my past experiences, but as I didn't really improve my stability skills as a writer for other blogs, I figure out that maybe I should be my own boss, with my own schedule and stuffs and then see if I can make it last.
This would probably be my last attempt of blogging about the great but obscure Stardoll, as I grow up and start losing some interest in the site. That's why I prefer to warn you right now : this will neither be a matter of upcoming freebies or announcements about the site, nor a sort of elite magazine. So if you wish to follow me on this adventure, then take a deep breath and I'll take you on a weird trip about trends, things I like, things I hate, tricks and games, and bl**dy Stardoll fashion. Ready ? Then time to dive in !

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hopelessly devoted to you,
-former USD and VD writer-
(I salute my former bosses. They are the best of the best.)