August 26, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 7.

Ready for our weekly competition update ?

who let the dogs out ?
who ? who ? who ? who ?

Another challenge ! This is like the most advanced themed task we had. I think that the main key to success is to find the right inspiration, which means the right dog. In my case, even if I'm a sloth-goldfish-racoon person, I've always felt like the perfect dog for me, 101 dalmatians style, would be a corgi. Small, smart (lolz), a fine gourmet and a fancy-foxy head. But impersonating a corgi on my doll would be like literally shooting a bullet in my foot.. I needed a more fashionable dog.

That's when the idea of a poodlesque outfit came to my mind. They still have the fun vibe of the corgi, but they - for me - look much fancier and ready for fashion.

These are the outfits I made for the task. I think that the most important part of them is the haircut ; all I needed to do then was to find a way to add some fur and volume. Attempt number one missed the balance of the volumes, but I wasn't fully satisfied by attempt number two either : I couldn't figure out what to do with the legs. Still, I really dug that pastel pink color, so I chose number two.

Here are the judges' commentaries :

That's ok.. but they also pointed out the weak bottom of my outfit. Still, I'm going on ;)

Now, let's see what everyone did. I loved the judges inspiration outfits. Mireia's is just the perfect copy of the dog, and Rawan followed that Dalmatian's vibe to the perfection ! 

On the contestants' side, Kelly's looks so snuggly, just like a dog you're happy to meet at home when you come back from a long harassing workday ! I also adore Sia's ; she chose the same dog as Mireia and she gave a completely different interpretation of it ! Beautiful !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..


August 16, 2016

SHOPPING - Marc Jacobs Tribute

While everyone is reviewing the new Vinyl-Pearl-whatevs shops, I'm stuck with my Tribute stores... anyway, if you are already bored, skip this article ;)
So, the second on the list of this season's release was Marc Jacobs' Tribute. Dark, furry and emerald. Not my favorite Marc Jacobs collection, but I must admit I instantly fell in love with the fur pieces.

I missed the "last chance" deal for this shop ; still, I succeeded in gathering some very nice pieces, although I think I'll keep on buying more - like its gold-buckled black bag...

I love the spirit of this shop. Like Galliano's there is still that poetry-fantasy vibe. Here, it is actually darker and maybe a little bit more laid-back. I definitely like how thick the fabric looks, or how shinny and silky it feels like !

1. Great Dane from the Jade Island - Marc Jacobs trousers + Jean-Paul Gaultier belt.
2. Slouchy New Wave - Marc Jacobs coat and shoes + Celine skirt.
3. Swamp Gator Queen - Marc Jacobs shirt + Balmain skirt + Jimmy Choo pumps.
4. Daisy the Ballerina - Marc Jacobs skirt + Chanel shirt + PPQ pumps.

So, how did you feel about this shop ?
Did you buy any ?
until next time :


August 11, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 6.

Hello hello ! Time to talk about our weekly FM-style task !

#000000 & #FFFFFF
it doesn't matter if your black or white

I am still not confident when I'm working on a task. Black and white speak to me, but I don't think that the first ideas that popped into my mind were actually what is expected of my outfit. I'm the kind of person who would do everything black with white touches or everything white with black touches ; but it needs here to be more 50/50.

Alexa Chung is my guru when I need to find some guidelines. Here are some of her outfits that helped me focusing on the task. Patterns, textures, lengths, but my search was all about color balance...

Also - here are some personal information - Netflix released Doctor Who's ninth season and I'm totally binge-watching it because : 1. it's sci-fi, 2. it's actually good, 3. Clara's outfits. And I literally became obsessed with this sweater (as seen on Alexa too) - I think it's Valentino but I'm not sure

Here is what I've made : I tried to recreate that Alexa/Clara sweater using a white blouse and a plain black sweater. I added a black skirt so the black sweater looks more like a dress, and I layered it with white shirts to give depth to the outfit, so we can imagine the collar is linked to it. This composition looks a bit religious though, I had to break that idea, so I added some contrasting pieces such as this Ann Demeulemeester jacket which has a very interesting strings part. 
The only issue I encountered was the bag part. All my bags had some gold bits on them, and I wanted a strict back and white outfit ; the bag I ended up using was this Sonia Rykiel one, but the problem was to hide the big red lips on it.. so I added some black tights. This is the only thing I kinda regret about this outfit...

So, here are the judges' feedbacks :

I feel comforted about this ! But I'm still expecting some very challenging future tasks.. better be ready !

Now a little shout-out ! This time, it was hard for me to choose only one outfit. So, on the judges side, we have Rawan and Mireia - I love Rawan's use of the dots and how Mireia styled those trousers !

On the contestants' side, it is a little bit different. I'm literally in love with Sia's outfit - all the codes that I like are in it : the boxy blazer, the geometric patterns, the V neck and the mid-length hair... gorgeous ! But I also admire Val's classiness here.. and this Marc Jacobs jacket suits perfectly the rest of the outfit !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..


August 10, 2016

SHOPPING - John Galliano Tribute

Hello everyone ! I know it's a little bit late, but let's do a quick recap of this tribute season - although this article will be mostly about me bragging about things. So, SD released a nice treat to begin this season : a true vintage John Galliano tribute. If you read this blog, you might know that I started to get interested in fashion with Balmain in 2006 ; but if I have to show you the first silhouette that actually hooked me, it would be this one from a Galliano runway in 2009 :

I can't really tell you why, but a lot of things moved me on this outfit : I loved the texture, the sheerness of the fabric, that green color - I hate it today tho - and that funny hat.. Or maybe it was their general oddness : all those Galliano models wore a non-streetstyle makeup that gave them an instant vintage look - even "historical" look should be more accurate to talk about this. They could have looked like they are in disguise, but I think that it's giving them a delicate vibe.

So, SD provided us some vintage before-scandal Galliano. I really liked this collection, although this is not what I actually love about Galliano : I needed more sheerness, more mermaid-shaped dresses or schoolgirl-tailored outfits and weird sienna-mustard colors. 

And if I may add a little bit more, this tribute made me hungry for more. This is - thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted blog - some post-scandal Galliano outfits. Although this designer went from up and downs, I feel that his genius is still here.. and it is actually growing with today's trends : the mini dress, the V necks and the oversized short-coats...

OK, enough bragging. Here is what I bought :

And here are the outfits I've made with those items. I feel like my inspiration took the "drama" path in this batch, and my outfits are a little bit more extreme. I really love how those kind of designers challenge my creativity !

1. Almost casual - Galliano dress.
2. Yes I'm going to a party, no you are not invited - Galliano dress skirt + boots, Saint Laurent blazer.
3. I used to be a financial analyst, but that was before - Galliano trousers, Vivienne Westwood shirt, Lanvin purse.
4. The bigger : the better - Galliano coat, Gucci trousers, Versus shoes.

That's it !
So, what are your thoughts on this shop ?
What did you enjoy/disliked about it ?
Cheers x


August 06, 2016


Hello everyone's favorite column of the month ! haha just kidding. Actually, if I stop to that one, I might reach my average number of articles per month... but I won't ; we have so much to cover up and so much silly chat to do - well, to write down - here. But don't get used to the daily articles ; my schedule isn't fixed yet - and probably never will.

OK so, let's talk about pixelated clothing. I don't know how to feel about this month release. On one hand, I'm frowning. On the other hand, there are a very nice pleated part of the dress and pyjamas. 

I shouldn't have bought anything, but I ended up with these. Also, believe me : the earrings are accidental. HAHA. So here are the reasons why they ended up in my closet :
- the pleated dress : that skirt part is perfect - and I actually wish it was just a skirt.
- the pyjama shirt : the bottom part wasn't that interesting, and wearing that as a combo is.. boring.
- the bra : always useful, that silver detail could enhance an outfit with other silver pieces.
- the platforms : the cork is perfect, but I still don't know what I'm going to do with those...
- the earrings : no comment.

Just a quick warning : I haven't lost my abilities to compose an outfit - did I used to have some ? meh.  I just went a little bit crazy with patterns.. nothing to get concerned about, really ! Actually, the pyjama shirt sent me to the Florida shirt path ; once it popped into my mind, it's impossible to get rid off. I'll have to deal with that for the rest of my life. Lolz.

1. August means Autumn is getting close ; better be ready... - HB dress skirt & DKNY shoes.
2. If Satan had an holiday outfit, it would probably look like this - HB shirt & PPQ bag.
3. Whatever happened here.. a goth princess at the beach maybe ? - HB bra, PPQ hat & Chloé shrug.

No, I know what I inadvertently had in mind :


August 05, 2016


Ah, Runway ! My new favorite limited store. I mean, LE is still number one, but Runway keeps failing in upsetting me. "Inspired by" and mostly "upcoming designers" are candy to my ears ; I just can't resist ! So when I logged, starting a fresh new month with mighty internet back, and came across this new release.. It helped me cope with the fact that I forgot to buy from those disappeared tribute stores (yes McQueen and Marc Jacobs, I'm talking about you !).

Well, as I wasn't aware of the release, I missed quite few things : that D&G satin top and those socks for instance. But I managed to put my hands on some very satisfying pieces :
- the Erdem dress : I'm following that brand for a while now, I just find so poetic !
- the Valentino dress : one of my favorites (you should follow agameofclothes on tumblr btw)..
- the Chanel hat : always useful and wide so my doll can fit her big head in it !

I know this isn't a huge haul. But I must say - and this is something I oddly like about Runway - that I feel like they privilege quality over quantity. I always end up by buying a couple of pieces, but I love their detailing and texture...
Oh and, by the way, I know that Valentino dress isn't like the one I thought about, but still, I get the idea. Thanks SD ! You did well !

OK, let's move on to the outfits :

1. Swinging Victorian Era : Erdem dress and Anna Sui lingerie.
2. Spot the black spot : Valentino dress.
3. Back from Cuba : Chanel hat, Chloé blazer and Cheap Monday boots (!).

what do you think about this collection ?
Did you buy any ?
Who is your favorite designer at the moment ?

and I leave you with some Alexa wearing Erdem.