January 30, 2017

SHOPPING - Subcouture

Hello everyone ! 
So, Stardoll surprised us with some Subcouture this weekend 
- so if you still doubt about this release, 
let me help you cope with the drama 
and tell you what I've picked from this collection !

I have no words to qualify this release. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.. and I'm even tired of complaining. I've recently read somewhere (it might be in one of Jenna's articles but I cannot find any proof so..), that I'm not the only one who finds that the editorial direction of Stardoll isn't at its best. Well, we had a very short Tribute season (come on : WHERE IS THE DIOR ?), Hotbuys were announced mid-January and this Subcouture collection ? It has for answer : whatever happened here...

Still, I don't agree with most of what I've read on the blogosphere about this release. It is odd, but I think that a nice bunch of pieces are still gems. I'm not sure what's the inspiration here.. early 00's maybe ? Anyway, here is what I've picked ; I'm definitely growing that pink vibe and I'm starting to be afraid of that.. I may have committed myself a little bit too much in the last 5! column 😰.

I have a lack of inspiration these days. You know that feeling ? It's when you try to put things together but at the end it's just a pile of things overcrowding each other and definitely getting on your nerves 😖. Well, tough days at work (I had a promotion YAY ok end of the private talk), I guess..
But here, creation was kind of easy. There is no editorial line bonding the three outfits (they clearly don't match together - this is a catastrophe) but I'm quite happy with how they came out ! Still, I prefer to warn you, there is extravaganza here..

1. Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts is a normal person who sometimes goes grocery shopping - Subcouture shoes, D&G skirt & YSL purse.
2. I wonder why people of the French Senate hate the Burren things in their garden - Subcouture tank top + shoes + bag, Valentino sweater & Saint Laurent blazer.
3. Quartz pink demon get out of my head please thank you - Subcouture trench coat + denim vest + top + tights, Chanel skirt, Roger Vivier shoes, One of a Kind earring & Tom Ford glasses.

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
did you buy anything ?


January 21, 2017

SPOTLIGHT/FM-STYLE - Cycle 13, task 2.

While writing the feedback for task 3, I've almost forgot to ramble about task 2... 😱 Silly me ! Ok, so I promise this isn't going to turn out as the previous ramble I did for task 1. Also, I really love that banner the SSS pumpkins did so you might see it a lot ! Speaking of which, this column is now going to be called "FM-STYLE" and not Spotlight anymore.. you know just saying in case of confusion (don't laugh this is important to some people and I don't want to mess with their brains.. because I'm alrealdy doing that A LOT ok I move on).

Task 2 is on the paper quite easy : a furry stuff in your outfit, and some extra time. On that last point, I have no excuse.. I actually marked every contestants but without having time to feedback everyone, my bad. Fortunately, it happened that what I plotted on my side of the judging was accurate so.. but I promise I'll be more efficient next time 😉 ! Anyway, here's the task.

Ok so, I identified my criteria : originality. Fur is seen and seen and seen so.. better be creative here, right ? I was definitely looking for the unexpected, the fur item that I would never have thought of, and the way to wear it that would intrigue me. This means, even though I absolutely love that chunk of fur, Munchkin_XD's Museum Mile coat IS OUT (and I was about to be aggressive with anyone using it) because seen, seen and.. you get the picture. Fortunately, it didn't happen

In order to illustrate my idea - giving hints you know (perhaps I should start writing some indications.. since I felt the need to clarify the new title of the column lol), I chose to work with those Chanel furry pants. I added some gold features to chic things up and that beautiful feline coat to emulate the animal side of the fur - it's kind of a fun wink haha ok sorry.

So, how did everyone go ?

We had some accidents.. I know it because when I was a contestant few cycles ago, I had some very bad marks for not being "street style" proof. I think it wouldn't have been fair if I let that go so I may have been a little harsh on that condition but eh, this might be useful to avoid any confusion. And, spoiler alert, the lesson seems to have been learnt for task 3 ! Here's my top 5 for task 2 :

Rank 5 - Letìcia (leiona_-) with her effortless composition !
Rank 4 - Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) with this edgy look !
Rank 3 - Stefan (Sweet_gal11) for that elegant retro vibe !
Rank 2 - Leigh (Leighways) for that orange and frills work !
The number 1 💕 - Navi (vousme) because this might be how perfection looks like !

who would you have ranked #1 ?
What would you have done ?

See you for task 3 !

January 20, 2017

5! : how to deal with 2017 trends - PINK edition.

Miss me ? Well, I've missed you ! I've had quite a busy time actually - as if.. but it's kind of another excuse haha - and it took me some difficulty, creation speaking here, to figure out what I could serve you for this third segment of "2017 trends". Yeah.. we're going to talk PINK today !


Pink isn't my cup of tea.. and colors in general - sorry for complaining haha ! but you're used to that right ? I prefer neutral tones, earthly and animal-esque ones. As you may recall, pink was 2016's. I'm talking "baby pink". This year, they say that people haven't had enough of it so.. here we go again I guess ! But now, we kinda take it to the extremes : it's either blush pink or fuchsia, and the way to wear it is also "extreme" : all-over baby !

As a guideline for you, I spotted some interesting stuff on the internet. Here is a little compendium of SS resort 2017 (Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Valentino, Fendi & Vetements). Apparently, you cannot avoid it.. oh dear !

You know me, I had to seek my guru to gain some comfort so I can deal properly with this trend. Alexa chose that color for her book, which is already a good start, and she kinda also uses pink shamelessly in her wardrobe : gingham pink, knitted pink, fluffy pink, tiny pink... Now I get the picture ! Feeling better right ?


But, how can we style it ?


Step 1 : get to know the pink.

Nothing too hardcore here : let's just bring touches to the most neutral outfit ever. Since pink is always assimilated as something naive, I decided to play that card and confront it with a very bold (but mellow) composition. Heels and a bow versus square shoulders and black tones. The touches are quite big so the trick here is to bring smoothness to avoid any shock.

Step 2 : light the pink up.

This trend isn't all about nice baby pink. Apparently, we have to deal with its noisy big brother : fuchsia ! As seen before, we still use the "touches" method : sleeves and a couple of clutches should do the trick. I decided to ditch the "quiet" vibe for the remaining part, so I went on the fierce side of this color. What I mean here is that we are not using the color itself to imply the fierceness (remember : touches), but the rest : black pieces but strong pieces as a perfecto and combat boots. The pink doesn't dominate you, because you're the master of pink. Deal with it.

Step 3 : mix the pink.

The next step is to be able to master the pink in its wholeness. You have to use all of its shades. Since fuchsia is kind of a big deal, I suggest to modulate it by still using touches ; the blush pink is going to be the main part of the show here. Stick to black surroundings (like a security, you know those extra baby wheels you had on your bike when you started riding it.. well, same idea here), and let the pink enter your life. The risk of shock is real so.. be careful ! Here, the Prada dress is kinda ideal because of its hidden fuchsia tones... perfect to introduce that fluffy Gucci necklace (come on : it's not a scarf, Stardoll ; you should know it since you come from Sweden munchkin !).

Step 4 : embrace the pink.

Pink isn't you BFF yet, but it's coming closer so brace yourself. As your first try of an "all-over" look, I'll definitely recommend the blush pink instead of the fuchsia. The trick here, when you go monochromatic, is to play on textures : fluff, stiffness... you can choose whatever you want, the possibilities are endless ! If you are afraid of the "too much" effect, you can still stick to your black pieces - all you have to do is inverting what we did previously and make the black as the touches, and the pinks the remaining part. Here I mixed Marni and Isabel Marant, and I finished the outfit with that Marc Jacobs fur that has this perfect brownish tone to calm things down a little.

Step 5 : you are the pink.

Congratulations ! You've made it to the last step : how to "hardcore" the pink. If I can be honest with you, without this Miu-Miu dress I couldn't have done this : the pattern is perfect since it's mixing fuchsia and white, ideal to match that enormous Gucci fur. I added a fuchsia vest for some depth (and layering) and a small reminder on those heels and those Prada glasses to link things from head to toe. I'm a partisan of that made-up theory implying that when you follow some sort of track, you can never really go wrong : from the vest to the dress, to the fur to the heels and the glasses. That's a wrap !

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,


January 04, 2017

YGTL - love-hate-thing

Time to wake another forgotten column from the dead... here comes the street-style break !

Actually I was just going from the "suite" tab to the "shopping" tab of Stardoll out of boredom.. and I noticed that little stalking bird that kept the #1 place in my visitor's section ! And, what a surprise ! I really like what's happening here... so I'm just sharing this with you !

Not much to say about this little one (no country stated and some asiatic writing - you are an enigma munchkin !), but that I ADORE that outfit. Simple, neat, effective and a Chloé statement piece. That minimalistic vibe is resting my eyes and also triggering my sense of creativity with its odd shapes. A true cute heart-stopper !

Get to know love-hate-thing :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why there is a stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !


January 03, 2017

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 13, task 1.

Guess who's back ? Yeah ! Hello dear Readers and welcome to this new session of "Spotlight on FM-Style's new cycle" ! Maybe you've been waiting for it (haha no jk 😝) or maybe you're thinking "oh no, not again" but, spoiler alert : this is my blog, so I do what I want - and all I want for Christmas is a new endless (just like Game of Thrones - don't lie I know you love it when it comes around) competition ! Yep, bare with me, because we are on a cruise for several weeks, I feel chatty and, trust me, things are already quite spicy !

Loving the new banner of the club <3

Ok so, this year, no competition for me. I'm "almost" in charge, because I will do for this cycle what I wish I was paid for in real life - 😂 just kidding, if only doing nasty fashion police while sipping wine on a café terrace was an actual job, then yes I'll be tremendously rich. I mean you guess it : judging.
Long story short, this is awesome - thanks for the opportunity SSS siblings 👯 ! But I didn't imagine that this could be hard as hell (yes there are a few cursed words here this is my blog sorry not sorry lol). You definitely have to be quite "balanced" : what's good, what's bad, and above all : how can we improve this - yeah because without this third part, I think that judging would be pointless. Competing isn't all about winning (ok this is turning into your granny's recommendations on life but again : who's blog is this ?), but also how can you be better next time and improve yourself. Trust me, these competitions gave me confidence and maybe sharpened my eye a little better ; so why wouldn't it be the case for you ? As I'm taking this matter seriously (actually, I'm curious to see if what I just stated about style evolution is true), I plan on doing some charts (but not now, I need data - think with your brain a little !) so you can see the contestants improvements. I'm sure that astonishing talent is around the corner and, if you want to be the first one witnessing it, then follow this new cycle here (the club where the good stuff happens) and here (the cycle's album where you can find all the entries, no excuse 😬)!

Anyway, I'm done with my endless rambling (nope). Let's move on to the heart of the subject : the first task !

The privilege of a judge is to give the first hint. My fellow team and I had to give some example of what we expected. I was worried at first that I should clearly state what I was looking for in the task.. But I think that this is not the best idea ; and I'm going to explain you why like the old person that I am.
I've learnt during my studies - I did some oenology - some tricks to challenge your free will.. and to give your most personal opinion possible. When you taste a wine 🍷 for example (it works also if you blind test food for all of the kids reading this of course), never read what's written on the label about the flavors you're supposed to find : your brain will assimilate what you have on your tongue to what you read, and it won't do the searching work itself. In a nutshell, it won't train.. and that is specifically how you can't improve yourself.
What I try to say here, is that if I give you all the clues, I'm afraid that you will stick to it in order to, somehow, please my judgment.. and that is terribly boring. For this cycle and, of course, because I can, I want to give good marks 💯 - and I won't hesitate to use them as long as there is that extra good feeling about an outfit, something I would never have thought about !

Ok I was reading over myself to check on spelling mistakes and I feel like I kinda sound like a freak. This is a game after all - no pressure folks ! But still, here is a list of what I was implying with this example/outfit :
- Christmas-ish tones ; not necessarily the green and red ones but some that imply festivities and winter, therefore I used dirty white (snow) and golden (paaaaarty 🎉).
- subtlety ; no obvious Santa references, but implied ones such as the purse-clock (waiting for the 25th) or the bow heels (presents 🎄 !).
- style ; something personal, something that looks like it only came out of your head and that this is not only a costume but something a little more special for you (I think that the best way to do it is to stick to that street style condition, so you don't feel like you're overdoing things and you can stay focused on what you do).

Haha this is turning into a methodology article.. but I think that this is better to set things straight from the beginning. So no sneaky manners here !
Ok so, here comes the results ! I will give you my personal top 5 for this task. Bare with me, it won't take long I promise 🙌 From left to right :

Rank 5 - Navi (vousme) with that perfect effortless vibe !
Rank 4 - Stefan (Sweet_gal11) with that edgy energy !
Rank 3 - Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) for that glamorous drama atmosphere !
Rank 2 - Letìcia (leiona_-) for that flawless composition !
The number 1 💕 - Alicja (alusiak123) for literally provoking the unexpected !

Congratulations everyone !
If you want to see the complete recap of the task with the complete judges' comments outfit by outfit, click here.
Also, a little shoutout to my partnersMarta and, of course, our hosts Mireia & Judith are reviewing everything on their blogs, please check them out !

who would you have ranked #1 ?
What would you have done ?

Can't wait to meet you on task 2,
and while we'll be expecting it,
here is the most fabulous cover of Last Christmas.
Enjoy 😚


January 02, 2017


January is here and so our little December recap ! Without useless chit-chat, here comes our monthly Hotbuys review.

My first feeling towards this collection is mixed. I'm not sure about the clothes AT ALL. That top ? too many gathers and too 50's retro-ish I wouldn't know what to do with it. That dress ? interesting but.. will I style it more than once ? things are quite pricey I'm afraid I have to be careful ! But the accessories are good and I was anticipating what I could do with it ! 

Here are what I bought :
the Tom Ford glasses : definitely my favorite piece of this release, the color and the shape are iconic !
the lilac jewelry : versatile, perfect if you want to add some softness to any outfit.
the box clutch : good graphics here ! and I particularly adore that little "eye" keychain.
the little silver boxes clutch : fun but still discrete.. in a nutshell : a good piece.
- the Chloe shoes : they have velvet and a chunky finish... in a nutshell : a - oh you get it !
the 2000 skirt : at first it was "meh", and with the slit it's now "hey" ; good job SD on that one !

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Sneaky slits - HB skirt + shoes, Chanel shirt & DVF purse.
2. Embracing the seventies : good resolution for 2017, and so far the hardest - HB glasses, Victoria Beckham bag & Dior shoes.
3. Shine bright like cutlery (the expensive sort of) - HB purse, Balmain vest + shoes & Saint Laurent blazer.
4. A potato bag of lilac elegance - HB jewelry, PPQ coat, The Row dress & Dior shoes.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.

January 01, 2017

5! : how to deal with 2017 trends - SPORTS edition.

Happy 2017 everyone ! 
Yay ! New year ! New resolutions ! New "nope this is not going to happen sorry" ! Haha ! OK but no. I've talked about 2017 trends in my last 5! article so I think I need to finish what I intended to do here. I definitely cannot take the french leave...

Ok so, after those awful flowers, Vogue predicted "Sports". It doesn't seem to be a random sort of sport : the elegant side but without the annoying preppy vibe. Sports here includes practicality in fashion. Here is a little compendium of what I've found on the SS runways for 2017 (Courrèges, DKNY and Marni if I recall well). I definitely love the quilted materials and the use of the white ; I think I'm going to focus on that !

If I had to find a word to describe my relationship with sports, it would be "void". I don't think that I hate it, but I surely don't care about it. In a word, I am very unaware of sports. So, let's see what Alexa Chung thinks about it. Skinny, dancer, comfort ; ok but that's not helping here. Still, since I have issues in my brain, I will provide you some pictures of Alexa and sports. Sorry not sorry.

I need to try harder. So I gathered in my mind what could be a good outfit with a sports vibe. Maybe something effortless, but with good movements and textures. Or maybe a little superhero-ish..

Still, I save the best part of this trend for the end. You definitely need to get information about Dior's last collection. I think that this is a true gold mine of ideas for this trend. The quilted, the white.. That's why I love them ! and I hope this would turn into a Tribute soon (wink wink)...


Level 1 : the faux-ballerina

For the first outfit, I wanted to play with the ballerina vibe : the skirt is light and sheer and the sweater is fitted to create that slender effect carried by every ballet dancer. I broke the girlish aspect by adding some sneakers.

Level 7 : queen of the highest chair on the court

For the second one, I wanted to defy the preppy aspect I've spoken about earlier. Tennis is in my mind the first sport to be connoted preppy. I didn't want to break this aspect, but to tame it almost like a costume. The deal was to accentuate the "high-class" vibe with golden and jewelresque features. Game on !

Level 32 : the mud cruiser

After tennis comes polo ! Since I tried to domesticate tennis, I want here to break polo's preppy vibe. No Ralph Lauren should survive here ! The idea is to create an outfit that could still be kinda good even if covered in mud. I chose thick textures and small golden features - the buttons - to enhance the whole thing so even with those super-chunky boots, it stays fashionable.

Level 57 : tatami to the nines

For the fourth outfit, I wanted to make it night-themed. I love the eastern asian origami culture that you can find everywhere even in sports ; so (sorry for this lame shortcut) impersonating a "combat" one may be a good start here. I was inspired by the tatami's lines and the karate belts : around the waist and the head. Sharp and neat bows that gives an instant chic touch to any outfit !

Level 100000 : the graphic designer took some fencing lessons

The last attempt has to be on the editorialist side. There is a piece that I cherish and that I would definitely possess IRL if I could. That fencing top from Dior's last collection. Fortunately for me, it was still available at LE (nobody bought it and I didn't pay attention to it when it came out.. such a dork). I thought that the only person in the world able to wear it is.. the graphic designer (please don't be offended, I have an issue with this job but see this as me being jealous ok ?). I broke every side of that fencing top : the neat one with that restructured pair of jeans, the combat one with that silky blouse and the retro one with those futuristic sheer heels. Of course, it was fitting perfectly the portfolio : that's a match (yes, there is a bad pun here)!

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,