March 29, 2016

SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 11 - until the finals

FM-style's cycle 11 results have been released !
Go check the club out !
(or wait until the end of the article..)

As you may know, I've made it to the task 5, but no further. My outfit for "funerals" on task 4 was ok - but not tremendous, some pointed at the mid-length skirt (it's not an usual piece which makes it quite risky) if I recall well. You can scroll down to judge by yourself.
Still, I was part of the competition.

In order to follow my rambling, I strongly recommend you to open this - it's the cycle portfolio, task by task.

Task five :
rich girl
we'll walk around, pretending... we're all grown up, hey rich girls !

Yes, I totally fell off the stairs here and broke figuratively every bone of my body. I think I misunderstood the task. The deal was to make an outfit showing a "rich girl" ; the judges meant jewelry, opulence - just like the Gwen Stefani song I guess. I understood it the other way round ; I love the trashy side of rich girls, the skinny punk ones with that Hedi Slimane vibe, like in the Virgins' song.
Besides, I'm not confortable working with jewelry. I couldn't build any outfit with tons of necklaces - the one I own are mostly Chanel - remember my last tribute article, a disaster too.

In French, there is a saying for what I made : "le faire à l'envers", and I have no idea on how to translate this (it should be a combinaison of "inside out" and "the wrong way" meh). So I kept my idea of that Virgins' rich girl, and put a lot of silver sparkle everywhere I could. So I had a rich girl and I had jewelry. It's make or break. And it totally broke.

You have to be creative - and the more you are, the better you'll be. But a sleigh of hand isn't really about creativity. I was truly more sneaky than creative and, as a consequence, I was out of theme. That's actually what got me eliminated of the competition.

My favorite outfit from the other contestants must have been Sweet_gal11's one. It has jewelry, but also a preppy vibe and even a little punkish style. Congrats Stefan !


OK, now I'm going to pretend I'm still on the competition. This mean YOU can use the comments to judge what I'm doing, and tell me those horrible mistakes I'm making
You can also propose what you would have done !


Task six :
classic man
Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys.

I thought this would have been a very easy task. Here, the judges wanted a masculine outfit - with therefore using manly codes. So I recalled what I had in mind about a boy's wardrobe.. and it wasn't much. But soon came the idea of how I would style a man. So I pictured more a character than a person.
My boy is a young adult, he just got his new job in a start-up and he likes to play tennis. He is joyful and a bit of a mocker.
I realized that I had to build an outfit with a strong effortless vibe. I needed a very few amount of clothing - which means those tricky right pieces - to give him a sort of an unusual appearance.

The shirt is thick and the blazer has large shoulder pads. I'm so proud.

Still, I've found in the contestants a very good outfit I wish I thought about. JanetteLow did an amazing job making that manly masterpiece : black, bold and paired with strong trends (like the mid-lenght pants). Bravo Janette !


Task seven :
riding on my bike
Bicycle ! Bicycle ! Biiicyyycle ! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiike.

I'm the worst when it comes to biking. I'm not saying that I'm "bad" on the bike, it's just that, where I live, everything is quite muddy - it must be because of the vines. Even when it's not muddy, everything gets covered in dirt. So, in my mind, it's merely impossible to ride classy.
As a result, I built an outfit that can be quite trendy (layering !) and also "rock solid". A raincoat when it splashes, a double scarf when it blows and a pair of strong gloves with a pair of (no, they're already fucked up) stockings to protect hands and knees (well...). I gave it a neutral color and some blue and red touches - those patriot colors of mine you see at every sports competition - it's just a nod !

As usual, I considered that someone did better than I did - well, they're still on the competition after all, while I'm not ;) This time, Platinumgals' outfit is the one I wish I made. She is, well how to say that - just kidding, classy on a bike ! I definitely picture that working girl riding to go to work.  And there's layering. Congrats Teresa !


Task eight :
stole the show
brace yourselves, prepare your eyes : it's gonna hurt.

My first FM-style cycle was the celebrity look-a-like one. I loved it, as I really love the idea of mimicking a style and reproducing it my way. If I listen to my lazy self, I would have enter this ABBA suit I built for a previous task. But that would be stupid, since I can embody here the FABULOUS Marina (the one with her Diamonds). The more she goes on stage, the craziest her outfits become. I made a collage with my main inspiration. Side-note : she's wearing here some wtf pink satin.
I took the "color block" idea here, and I tried to balance it with black to make it more street stylish. Marina's codes are still visible (the pink, the enhanced fabrics, the fruit references) but it can also be a very daring girl's outfit rocking the streets during London's fashion week !

The most interesting entry for me was Yulissahermosa's one. I'd never thought about this and it really surprised me on how I enjoyed it ; I guess sometimes the pleasure of being amazed by unexpected things takes on almost everything ! I really dig into the denim and this is a really good example on how to transform a very weird stage outfit (I keep seeing a bunch of denim rags on Kanye) into a cool chilling afternoon outfit. Congrats Felipe !


Task nine :
miss independant
"You could tell without knowing her that she was a confident independent woman. She walked everywhere like she owned the floor she was stepping on. She had never been an insecure person, she had never worried about others opinion. She didn’t have to pretend because she already fitted in. Her arrogance, her snobbishness, her pride emanated from every pore in her skin while a deep desire of disconnecting from her hectic life popped a little big through her clothes choice. She was who she was, and for an unknown reason people seemed to like her." - Judith_25

This task was about embodying a character Judith thought about. I genuinely loved the idea ; it's like being a costume designer for movies/series. The outfit is a nice way to give clues about somebody. Moreover, Judith's text is giving us a bunch of information while letting us figure out all the details. For me, it's almost like she was an old kung-fu master telling me riddles I have to figure out to be the best.. just kidding but picturing this made me laugh a bit !
I think the way to make this task could be coveting the formal vibe. But first, I needed to translate the text in my own brain language. "Confident independent woman" = expensive purse but not a "showoff" one - she doesn't need anybody to tell her what to do. "Never been an insecure person" = she can wear risky heels LIKEABOSS - and she's the only one (and she knows about it). "Her (adjectives) emanated from every pore in her skin" = she wears a tiara & a huuuuge belt and nobody care because she is who she is. "Disconnecting from her hectic life" = a fur she can cuddle everywhere she goes and a star shaped shell on her ear because of the calming sea noise and the fact that she's born a star lolz. "For an unknown reason people seemed to like her" = bubbly face equals baby and candid face equals she can be your friend.

OK, so the contestants did some pretty good job here, but Roco_90's one was my favorite. Bold and white outfit - she looks so active I love that ! The floating clothes makes her influent and free, like she decides for herself and nobody else can do so. There is a very good vibe in the whole composition. Congrats Lucia !


Task ten :
goodbye, horses
or the story on how I totally missed a golden opportunity like a dummy. Sacrebleu.

GUCCI's spring summer collection is a bunch of mixed cool and wtf feelings : the seventies, Wes Anderson on acid, patterns, your literature teacher, shine, flowers, unexpected color combinations. I can go on for a while you know.. But this is an actual opportunity to do whatever you want, experimenting outfits like you have no idea of what you're actually doing.
I started composing as soon as Mireia mentioned that there could be an opportunity to go back in the competition. I was like "this happened to me once, let try again then !". But the struggle to make something was real. Everything I was making came out more as jokes than actual back-on-track outfits. A failure, really. Now that I can seat back and make something with no pressure, it looks more Gucci-obvious. I love the effortless vibe while layering complex patterns. So, I focused on three colors (yellow, purple and turquoise - don't ask me why) and a flowerish pattern.

I was flabbergasted by Platinumgals' outfit. It is belonging to that fashion color and pattern nonsense with brio ; she just created chaos in an outfit while succeeding in bringing to it a very cool vibe. I'm jealous ! Congrats again Teresa !


Task eleven :
kill the lights
come on, Vogue ; everybody moves to the music.. eh eh EH !

This is getting really hard. I feel like that only the good ones can go through these challenges. Creating a photoshoot outfit is, beside giving a situation to the clothes, going extravagant. If you look at fashion magazines, you are sure that you're never going to wear the way things are worn in the fashion pages (the ones with that very sad looking model from an european eastern country). And I don't need to tell you how hard it is to style one of those piece of clothing to the street.
Still, it was very fun. I made my doll resemble a galactic organic robot from the Cheap Jewelry (they're almost free) planet. She is kinda ridiculous but I really dig in that shades, and the floating skirt makes it very "photoshooted". Moreover (Gucci hasn't left the studio and Wes Anderson is still on acid), my street-style outfit is totally paired with sleek and black pieces. And I love it - no, I adore it ! This is going to stay for a moment on my doll.

My favorite composition of the contestants one was Bornthiswaay's. The piece chosen is a challenge itself, and I truly loved the photoshoot background (that dog hehe) ! It really astonished me in the street style transformation because it is quite unusual but in the meantime settled. Congratulations Rawan !


Final task :
sister golden hair
please, no more Gucci.

The real, serious one. The last time I've got that far, the task was about fashion week ; now it's a bit different since it is about this season's trends translated into street styled outfits. Judith and Mireia gathered a bunch of them in a section of their blog : surrounded by trends where the outfits had to be picked. I chose mod, die cut, 80's, sporty and victorian blouse.
It was not easy but it was really fun ! I just felt like I had forgotten about the huge resources of my virtual wardrobe. No theme can resist it hahaha !

1. Mod : the Mondrian inspired thing. Look at those tights-flats coordination !
2. Die Cut : turned out as a black geometrical thing. Don't forget the underwear hehe !
3. 80's : she wants to have fun while doing the flashdance like a material girl. I think I cannot go further.

4. Sporty : new kid on the tennis court. It's all about the lines.
5. Victorian blouse : she's literally swallowed by her shirt. And there are also British features.

Sorry for spoiling the next part. Bornthiswaay made it to the top, Rawan is the 11th best dressed winner of this club ! Also, a huge shout-out to Roco_90 who made it that far. Lucia, you were a very good surprise and I really love when things get unusual ; so thanks a zillion times !
I must say I was - as usual but maybe a little bit more than usual - impressed by the contestants entries (both of them) ! I don't have any particular favorite, but I'm gonna pick the best (according to me) from each one. I chose Roco_90's eighties outfit : I cannot do this, Lucia did an amazing job here recreating that era ! I also chose Bornthiswaay's candy colors outfit : I just really love it. I adore the necklace Rawan picked, it's a tremendous choice ! And the shading is absolutely perfect.
A huge congrats to both of you !


this is the end of the review,
thanks for bearing with me especially if you made it till the end !

I truly cannot wait for the next cycle.
So, don't forget to join the club,
and I am so excited to see everyone's sense of creativity !

Cheers and love and everything,

March 24, 2016


OK, I fear another overdose now, like a seventies overdose. I guess - correct me if I'm wrong - that David Bowie, while talking about the parties in the West Coast of the U.S., who said : "it's like driving a car toward a cliff and being afraid of falling while being both thrilled and excited by the experience"... I might be exaggerating a little bit since I'm going to talk about pixels instead of nightlife drugs, but this is my current mood regarding this trend.
Seventies are great ; but I guess there are two pathways if you want to play with it. I'm not saying I know about it all, but it's just being logical here ; first, you can work with touches : a vintage pattern, a nice corduroy blazer, a scarf under the shirt or a very nice pair of clogs... mixed with modern and almost boring pieces. Attention is on the vintage piece and nothing else. Or, you can go with the full outfit, just as if you were a character in a movie. This decade is clearly about showing off while looking like a very, very and very cool person : look a the Bee Gees singing in that very dangerous ruin, not being afraid of destroying their brushings or staining their white pants at all !

I really dig into that vibe ; it makes me feel so cool about me being fabulous - and a little bit more conceited I must admit. But the more I see it, the more I want to run off. It's almost overwhelming, maybe because the trend is about "exposing yourself" and "being too much". I mean, clothes designers during the disco era were clearly high on glitter - too much of it everywhere, told you so ! I kinda feel exhausted already..

ANYWAY, looks like I'm talkative tonight ! So, the last very interesting release was the Runway shop - a limited store which I LOVE. Pieces are very different : there are some very good ones, and some "meh". But I love that SD took back the idea of catwalk clothing - we usually take guesses on what they were inspired by to draw clothes (you should check this).
And this is definitely seventies themed. Well, what I bought is. And I swear, it's the last time I let myself tempted by this trend. I swear.

I won't style the dresses - but I'll explain why I bought them : I am a fanatic of some Galliano dresses - the mermaid ones ; and they do remind me that. Also, working with that fur seemed to be a good idea at the beginning, but it turned out very ugly so I put it apart.
But the two most interesting pieces where the dress - I don't know if I love it or if I hate to love it, definitely stuck in a vintage era, and the pants - odd shape, odd color but I can't help myself finding them extremely cute !

1. What color does the fox wear ? Blue-blue-blue-blue-blubleblue ! : 
Vivienne Westwood (Runway) pants, Topshop Unique vest and YSL clutch.
2. Be my, be my baby, be my little darling oh oh oh ooh : 
Alice + Olivia (Runway) dress and Versace clutch.

Alright, I'm done now.
So, what did you bought ?
And how do you feel about the seventies ?


March 11, 2016


Here's a new column. Like, I was dying for ages to make something like that : this means commitment and, well, let's say that is not my cup of tea... Anyway. Since the February HotBuys that came out are actually really good, I felt like this was the perfect moment to launch such a thing.
I am not sure about making this item by item, I guess I prefer to proceed by recaps, showing you what I got through outfit building - and, of course, feel free to share what you bought, what you liked, what you hated or how you feel about your day (you know I really do care about that last bit) !

Without more useless rambling, here was the SD selection of this month :

This is definitely about the 70s, and I just love it. Well, at the beginning, I must admit I was more a "mod" person than a hippyish enthusiast. But I guess that my inner Fargo "season 2" fangirl told me otherwise, I am also all about the seventies : wide legs, weird sweaters, furs and beige-burgundy-forest colors are so cool ! Actually, it must be also because I'm going to ski next week, and this is the most - for me - seventies sports that may exist - alongside with rollerskating of course.

So, I got four items out of ten that I felt were must haves :
- the bell bottom trousers are definitely a thing and the design & the color are quite good here.
- the sweater has perfect tones and can be matched with so many things I'll turn crazy about it !
- the clutch. Well, not much to say but I guess I needed one like so.
- the furry vest : a bit complex to wear, but I love the instant chic effect !

1. Cuteness overload : bell-bottom trousers & a bunch of Chanel stuff
2. Hey I'm a graphic designer LMAO ! Do you want to see my portfolio ? : sweater, clutch and (surprise) Chanel stuff again
3. Am I a business woman or am I going to a fancy event ? You'll never know ;) : fur vest, Hervé Léger dress and a Birkin bag

So, what did you pick ?


March 03, 2016

Update !

So, as you may noticed, I was literally dead on this blog for a month. I truly don't know what happened... well, I do actually. I think I might had an overdose of SD. This is the weird side of me : I just ran off when I feel overwhelmed ! - ok, hugs everyone, let's talk about something else.

The blog has a new template - great ! Well, I truly cherished the previous one like we don't find it a lot on the stardollsphere and I just loved to feel unique about that. But the thing is, I wondered what you are thinking about what I post, and that dynamic template did not allow me to include that "tick how you feel" feature at the end of each post. 

So I went back to what the blog looked like in its first hour of existence. I think I'm going back to blogging, so I might try new things to improve it in the next weeks ! Just tell me if it's getting too annoying.
The poll also ended and there was one vote more in favor of the "dynamic" template. That is tremendously going to help me decide about what this blog should look like in the future :)

For the lovely ones who often visit my suite, you may have noticed that I did some drastic changes to the doll. I am in a huge lack of inspiration right now, it's like I just can't compose with anything and I just keep being disappointed about the last SD releases. But I'll be back on track somehow, I just need a little bit of time.
Also, the next weeks will be about updating the "FM-Style" competition - spoiler alert, I lost BUT this is getting interesting guys like A LOT. There will be a LE update too and maybe some discussions about basics and many other stuffs (I'm considering starting some HB reviews too).

have fun
& stay creative !
Cheers x

SHOPPING : Chanel Tribute

Side-note :
 I started to write this last month 
and totally forgot about posting it 
- sorry if it feels a little 
"out of date"...

The blog's got a new template ! I don't know if it's that better, but you can let me know about this with the poll at the top of the page.
So, today's article will be about Chanel. The Tribute store will be gone on Monday, which means that this is your chance to grab a couple of pieces - or if you're patient, Callie's gonna release it again one day or another.

I'm happy when the name "Chanel" drops out in the spoilers. Chanel, Karl, black and white, French - yes, I'm a patriot. But I'm also a little disappointed : this is more Chanel-obvious than Chanel-good. I mean, we can see the brand, but there are so much about the latest collection that should be up front ! It's like buying Chanel for Chanel, not Chanel for this brilliant sense of fashion design.

Still, I bought half of the shop - again. I mostly don't know what I'll do with most of those pieces, but some - I must admit - are really good. There's no actual must-have in this collection, but my very favorite one is the red bag - shouldery, small and no gold features.

I got a little carried away while making some outfits with it. Here's what came out in order of appearance :

1. A bunch of Chanel
2. Too much Chanel
3. Just Chanel

That's it :)
have a nice day, 
cheers and.. Chanel haha !