May 08, 2017


Baby steps by baby steps, the next on the list is.. wait for it.. HOTBUYS OF MARCH ! Yeah sorry, but bare with me we're almost done ;)

I made this one quite recently ; and inspiration began to come back.
I must admit I was a little confused with this release ; I cannot find the editorial line which would have made me going more easily with this... but still, some of the pieces are wild. Some other aren't.. but like always, you can't please me 100% eh !
Honorable mention : those sweaters. I may start a new collection ;)

Here are what I bought :
the black sweater : wasn't on my list but I am weak when it comes to shopping so...
the roses sweater : favorite piece so far, I mean look at the detaaaails !
the odd sneakers : so odd, so weird, so quirky, so cool.
the Balenciaga cross-body bag : a nice staple.. it's bringing summer don't you think ?

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Hold your horses I bought a new sweater - HB sweater, freebies + LE (I'm lazy I don't feel like searching today).
2. Effortless try hard AM I RIGHT - HB sweater, Balmain necklace, Chanel Blazer, Versace belt & DKNY shoes.
3. So cute but you don't wanna mess with her  - HB bag, PPQ skirt, Saint Laurent Blazer & Chanel watch.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.

May 06, 2017


Following the series of unposted Hotbuys, please welcome the February edition !

As expected, February is always very Valentine like ; although this selection is less literal - therefore more wearable ! 
Patterns and textures are very interesting here... I missed some nice pieces tho (those pink heels and that velvet choker were extremely nice but hard to find in the bazaar I'm afraid...).

Here are what I bought :
the letter sweater : a very nice, trendy and basic piece of clothing.
the enveloppe clutch : look at that little stripes detail ! A-M-AZING.
the sakura trousers : ok. Definitely the masterpiece of this release...

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Almost Valentine - HB sweater, Chanel bag, Vivienne Westwood socks & DKNY shoes.
2. Handle the Valentine - HB trousers, Lanvin belt, Chanel blazer & Versace clutch.
3. Basic rework/ Valentine edition  - HB clutch, Balmain shoes & Saint Laurent blazer.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.

May 05, 2017


Nothing frustrated me more than not posting about Hotbuys. Even if I was absent, I've still worked on that column.. so might as well deliver you this before it sounds way too late !

Girlish, punkish and definitely 2000's ; not my cup of tea but I must admit, I loved playing with those pieces. They have a very interesting quirky vibe... so you might either see that as a statement, or, as I saw them, as challenging pieces that should be regarded as basics.

Here are what I bought :
the cropped mom jeans : can't get enough of those, I mean look at those legs !
the velvet cache-coeur : an interesting piece of great graphic quality !
the silver jacket : quirky and retro, statement-like.
the graphic oversized glasses : definitely a statement..
- the string bow : favorite piece so far, it's that kind of accessory that gives a je-ne-sais-quoi to any outfit !

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Seriously quirky - HB jacket, Galliano trousers, McQueen bag & Gucci shoes.
2. Nightly quirky - HB top, Alexander Wang blazer & Saint Laurent purse.
3. Subtly quirky  - HB jeans + necklace, Chanel jacket, D&G purse & DKNY shoes.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.

May 04, 2017


Dear everyone,

I feel like I have to explain a couple of things.

I am truly sorry for being such an inactive prick lately - and not giving any news about it. I thought that I could totally manage my newly professional life and my online passion for fashion but today the fact is : NOPE. Organisation is a trait that is not part of my personality I am afraid..
I'm really sorry for letting down people I really cherish and disappointed others. 
Future is really uncertain. I am not able to say if I will be back in the stardollsphere and be as active as I used to. Trust me, I have tried ; but my daily life is so busy that I kept ending up sleeping on my keyboard every single time I logged in.
Creativity is an issue too ; maybe it's just me, but I have found the SD offer quite poor for my taste lately. I still have that chronic need for fashion - and I must admit I am quite active on my tumblr because reposting does not need a lot when the only device you have access to is your phone in the train when you go to work.

Anyway, enough excuses. See you around pumpkins !

M. xx