July 25, 2016

Quick information

yep, just an update for those wondering why I'm a ghost these days.
I've done some last minute trips around beautiful Europe recently, and I must admit I didn't take my computer with me.. and I'm in the middle of nowhere this week, which means I'm currently hiding in my car in a McDonald parking lot because it's the only way I can get some decent wifi in a 20km area (truly, you'd laugh at me if you'd see me right now). I'm not an addicted person at all..
But stay tuned, I'm preparing some things and I'll totally be back in August with full beautiful internet.

So enjoy your holidays or your summer job or your job (I'm sorry for you, but stay strong) !
Cheers pumpkins xx

July 12, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 2.

Ready for your FM-style cycle 12 update ? why am I even asking, I don't give you the choice HAHAHAHAHA.

la vie en rose
quand il me prend dans ses bras...

There is a million things that I instinctively thought about while reading the task description. First : not a big fan of the pink. Second : "Yay!" to a new challenge. Third : what am I going to do with it ?
I haven't got a precise idea about the color itself, but I had in mind what I wanted the outfit to look like : it has to be some kind of punkish ballerina.

Couple of things popped into my head. First, North West's birthday outfit - which I adored and made me wish I was a child again so I could wear this ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. It's non-agressive pink and it's super cute. This became then "outfit goal #1". Moreover, I've recently binge-watched the Scandinavian series "Bron-Broen" (The Bridge, season 2), and I loved the character of Laura. She is that smart but tormented young woman with a sleek bun and this huge fur coat ; I instantly fell in love with her look.

But having some inspirational goals wasn't enough. So I made a quick research to find the perfect idea of a pink outfit using those guidelines. I have mostly found that the more pale-powdered the pink was, the softer and pleasant the outfit turned out to be. Thus, using this kind of shade allows to go a bit more crazy on the pattern, textures or material composing the outfit. I knew then where I wanted to put the accent : definitely not on the pink, but on the pink. Get what I mean ;)

Runway inspirations
(Gucci & Ralph Lauren)

Streetstyle inspirations

I did a first try with some bright neon pink. I needed to do that to be sure I didn't feel wrong. I loved the idea of layering and I've found that those two jackets were a perfect match, but that was still too raw. Then I tried a new version of MØ's "I don't wanna dance" outfit and it felt just perfectly right. The outfit has this ballerina vibe and looks messy in an effortless way. I love how the scarf gives it an instant chic touch. So I submitted #2.

So, what have the judges thought about it ?

I didn't look at the scored board while I discovered the judges' reactions - don't ask me why (I'm on the moon these days..). I was like "good ! that sounds positive ! let's see my ranking". AND BAM ! 9.9, I mean - I had a bonus point but COME ON ! ok, so I'm still on top - my brain turned into mashed potatoes for a moment. But then I realized : nothing good can happen next. I have to stay focused..

Anyway, let me introduce you my favorite outfits from this task.
On the judges' bench, we have Mireia : I love how she managed to use that blush pink more than I did - aaaah, those Isabel Marant pants ! And on the contestant's one, there is Jovana's outfit : it's so far from everything I could have imagine, I love how she paired the pink with everything but black. Beautiful !

I think we are done now, 
so stay tuned,
and praise MØ.


July 07, 2016


A lifetime after its release, here comes the HOTBUYS review for June. So, I thought that switching to a previous year would be something very occasional, but apparently, this won't be the case. I have no idea on how I feel about this month's release. I only got a couple of things : that Fendi head scarf - which I can't make into an outfit because I can't think of interesting ways to compose with it, and that Isabel Marant bikini top, which is absolutely awesome but.. not worth an outfit.
I can't say that I'm properly as disappointed as I was in April. I loved the patterns of the poncho and the dress, but their shapes make me unable to work with it (a poncho ? really ?). Same with the swimsuit : it would have been great to use it with sheer clothing, but that golden thing in the middle ? meh... And that long skirt. I was waiting for one of those for a long time ; but I don't get it. The gather on the knee ? too bohemian, too 2000's (and I'm not ready for this). But maybe I'll regret not buying it later... And the rest doesn't need further argumentation.

So, that brings us to the 2015 release. Straight from Hilfiger's runaway, this is a very summery release that SD offered us. But this isn't the only thing that popped into my mind when I first saw the teaser picture. I feel a little bit of a Bowie vibe here ; and I think I'm not the only one since SD named a couple of things from this release with Bowish words.

Here's what I got :
- the crochet vest : very hippyish, very summerish and kind of epic.
- the Bowie swimsuit : even if the colors are odd, it looks still very versatile and fun to work with.
- the Bowie belt : low-waisted, black and gold, in a nutshell it's a good staple.
- the Bowie boots : they are cute and I'm weak.

It took me two weeks to compose outfits ; I had no inspiration whatsoever. And then, last night, I don't really know what happened. Maybe you'll see this as brain vomit, but the more I look at them, the more I enjoy their oddness. Perhaps it's the Bowie vibe or me just being annoyed with my non-creative styling abilities, but the batch I'm introducing to you kinda shows some sort of nervous breakdown. Also, I figured out after doing my montage that the outfits weren't in the order I wanted to present them. I was bored and I just flipped the image. I hope this won't be too odd for you ; actually, I think it's giving a new energy to my doll and maybe some kind of sassy expression.. I don't know.

1. I'm off to the beach ; no I can't take another bag, and what do you mean by "sand" ? HB vest and D&G bag.
2. BEACH PRRTY ! No, I don't need drug, I need style. HB bikini, Marc Jacobs flats & Chanel bib.
3. What beach ? I live in the city, I work. Go away. HB belt, Zuhair Murad top & Alexander Wang blazer.
4. Beach is overrated, sand is annoying and sun burns. Wait, is there an open bar ? ok I'm coming. HB boots & Sonia Rykiel top.

So, what did you get ?
(and I leave you with some Hilfiger SS15)
cheers & enjoy !

July 06, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 1.

Guess who's back !
Ok, so as I am in my villa on the seaside, internet isn't the best ; but I definitely need to comment what's going on. 
AS YOU MAY KNOW, FM-style's cycle 12 just began. No need to brag for ages about that : street style, competition, talent ; you get the picture. And I'm a contestant AGAIN ! So you may read a lot about this on the blog for at least a couple of months. I won't anticipate the posts, which means that I will do the task and wait for the feedback of the judges. Then I'll explain everything here, because I really want to detail all the process of my outfits and I'm afraid that this might be too long to post that with the entry - I don't know if I was clear here, sorry about that !

So, without further do, let's begin !

Back to sleep
soft kitty warm kitty...

I spotted that négligé trend, but without really getting interested in it. Since it's about wearing underwear as casual clothing, I must say that dealing with such a piece is composing with a statement. And here are the two dresses that we had to style :

I had several ideas in mind. Since it's about night gowns and I am a true novice in that category, I thought about those strappy dresses from the 90's that I used to wear to sleep when I was younger. I also remembered of some Alexa Chung outfits I could use as an inspiration.

I couldn't choose between the two dresses, so I used them both. I added the Saint Laurent blazer to give them structure and a bunch of lacy bras to give some deepness to the clivage. But I wasn't sure about staying in that black & white vibe so I added a fur vest and a clutch both in crimson. The toughest part was in the shoes choice ; it was either bold or cool. And I don't know how, but while scrolling through the pages of my wardrobe, I came across those Dior ones, that are definitely stealing the "statement piece" effect for themselves.

Here are the judges opinions ; I got 9.5, making this the highest mark I had since I started competing in the club !

And finally, I need to underline some outfits I adored ! 
When we got the judges examples, I was flabbergasted by Rawan's outfit ! It's extra white and extra lacy and yet so simple ! 
And if I had to choose from the other contestants (it was tough !), I guess I'll go for Marta. I love the sporty vibe and the different shades of grey !

That's it for this task !
Who was your favorite ?
Hope you enjoyed it,