SHOPPING : Callie's #36, Pastel in Paris

HELLO whoever is reading this !
Ok, I have no idea on how long I've been away from this blog, and if my English skills still allow me to express myself correctly, but I really feel like sharing moments these days, 
so brace/prepare yourself to be amazingly/not-so-much stunned by what I have in mind. YEP.

Without further announcements, Callie's Picks - which we'll designate under "Callie's" from now on (it's always good to settle the basics if we want to understand each other correctly, lol) - is going to be renewed tomorrow, closing down its #36 edition : Pastel in Paris.

I won't brag about what I am thinking about this shop, because I think this kind of talk should be set out and rational - or even cautious - for it is really really controversial regarding the SD money business..

Anyway ; I've been following up on USD and every(blog)where else what people actually thought about this collection : powdered and pastel colors, flower textures and girly-vintage patterns
This is typically what I love to shop when Spring is coming ; where I live, March is still a month of rain and frozen dawns, and those clothes actually help my mind chilling out and waiting for the good weather to come.

But, as it is a "brought back" store, I already own a bunch of the selection offered ; my disappointment vanished when I noticed those Sonia Rykiel shoes I missed. I also loved those pearled necklaces - oh Chanel-ish ! - and the leathery cut-out heels.

The real treasure of that collection, according to the blogger-community, is the animated MK pin. Actually sellable in sc, Callie's ones are in sd and quite pricey. But this looked like a good investment for "empty pockets - clean out sale for LE" days.

 I totally ship that hairstyle on my doll 
- thank God(Callie) there will always be a chance to buy the "not sellable anymore" ones.

Here's what I made with my purchase :
(details available here)

My major issue at first was to use all the item I got from this #36 edition : I had two pairs of shoes ; but I must admit, I'm really surprised by the way they blended. They lose their Sonia Rykiel vibe (graphic, plain platform, minimal and unicolor), but the slight difference of shade, going from grey-pink to pale-brown, and the cut-out pattern added to the platform give them a really hippie-chic, romantic and spring-like touch.

I took that see-through shirt back out, combined it with a tone on tone skirt. I love the difference of texture between those two items : the first one is really light and romantic-like, giving a sensation of a certain freedom and ingenuity, whereas the second one is really structured, giving a more classy and calm vibe. I added a couple of necklaces and a purse, and voilà.

I was perplex at first with the title of the edition. Pastel in Paris : this should refer to the romantic cliché regarding the French capital. I was kinda skeptical, but after a small reflection, I think that showing "romantic in Paris" through an outfit is to master the combination of the idleness side and the snobbish-classy side of a Parisian woman. They can be really passionate, but on the outside, they are demonstrating a fierce self-control.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it,
dear reader,
and glad to be back !

Cheers x

Note :
I made a portfolio for my OOTD, 
I think that it's stupid to post them here, 
so feel free to check it out !