SHOPPING : Young Hollywood, Kim & Kanye

I know, I'm super late. This is just a review since the items are not available anymore.
Spring has sprung, and so has Young Hollywood. This limited store has always been my little "madeleine de Proust" : you can find some great well-designed items (alongside the ugliest of the game), that were - my favorite part - supposed to be "as seen on" random famous people.

did she say "random" ?

This edition was made of what Kim and Kanye wore at the Paris Fashion week. There was a first release including Kim's wig and a couple of necklace, and a second one with their complete outfits.

I went completely nuts on the jacket : I love them worn "Italian style" - on the shoulders, and this one is just a basic - timeless piece : black, no useless features, minimalistic, perfect. This is definitely my favorite item.
I also bought Kanye's necklace. I love very thin and discret jewelry, and this one particularly caught my eye for it fits so well the ideal I had in mind. I think I'm going to use it on all of my future outfits for quite a while !
The third piece I chose is the Balmain inspired dress. This is the complete opposite of my two previous choices : you can't really match it with anything.. But I love the detailing of the lace. Plus, it has shoulder pads and a fun length, so I said to myself, why not ?

Here's what I made :

Young Hollywood jacket & necklace, Chanel dress and DVF bag.

I love how "everyday-ish", effortless this outfit is. Really, I'm impressed by the quality of the pieces offered by this collection. I even think I'm starting to get into that Kim & Kanye style !

Anyway, that was a pretty quick recap
and I would give this YH edition a 8/10 ;

great, but with a moreish aftertaste.. which is extremely positive !

I'm sure you enjoyed it, aren't you ?

cheers x