SHOPPING : Young Hollywood - "celeb weekend"

Hello-hello !
Let's make a quick review, shall we ?
This weekend, Stardoll served us a new event : the celeb weekend.
It's made with the Young Hollywood brand, which is limited, and it focuses on a celebrity's style. We had then Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift ; who have got such different fashion senses. 

Friday was for Gigi.
I must say that, even though I kinda liked the outfit, I still find jumpsuits hard to style. So I picked the jacket and the sunglasses, and the hair (but I don't really know why, they don't fit that much on my doll) ; the shoes were a bit too simple and forgettable to me.
But I feel like I have a special preference for the jacket. Even thought it's really spiky, the shape just fits perfectly my doll : the arms are not too big and the torso part is short, and looks very well assorted with bell-shaped skirts and high waisted bottoms.

YH Jacket - Balmain shoes, shirt & bag - Céline skirt.


Saturday was Kendall's.
There were two outfits to buy, but I must say I was a bit disappointed by this one. 
The shirt is "already seen" - I mean, the Hotbuys one from last year is graphically way better - the trousers and the sunglasses are ok but expensive, the dress is kinda not-so-well-shaped, and the shoes are a bit "under drawn"... 
I know I sound a little bit bored, but I feel like Stardoll could have done so much better
AND here comes the bag. Scrolling through other blogs, and considering that it isn't sold out as I'm writing, this is the "ugliest" piece of the selection.. which I totally disagree with. It has a lovely olive shade, and the graphic quality is quite good actually ! 
So, this was the only piece I picked.

YH bag - and random clothing.


Finally, we got Taylor on Sunday.
There is so much to say about it. First : the unsellable hair. If a hair-designer read this article, please, get inspired by those hair. It's just perfect and modernish and girlish and effortless.. Second : the cat. The only wanted piece that I missed. But still, it's no big deal ; I mean : gloves are just weird on my doll wearing a casual outfit. This is the only problem I think regarding SAP type-clothes
So, I picked the socks, which look really fun to me, the rest of the outfit having weird unfinished-like graphics.. it's kinda sad because I love the preppy style of Taylor, and I wish I could make so many outfits with her amazing wardrobe !

YH socks - YSL blazer - DVF purse - Elizabeth & James dress - Lanvin belt - PPQ shoes.


That's all folks !
I really like this concept, I feel like this is like stealing from your favorite celebrity's wardrobe. But as a limited edition thing, I expected better graphics - and I think this is the real problem of huge "time" releases like this one.

I'd rate it a 6/10,
a bit more precision on the details, and a great idea for a way to release collections.

cheers x


  1. I think pretty much like you almost on everything!
    On Gigi the think I liked most were the shoes, they were so nice and basic, but I got late :( The jacket I love it, but it was too expensive for my bucket! haha
    On Kendall... that bag is perfect!! i dont get why it wasnt sold out at the moment!
    And Taylor, for me no big deal :)

    PS. Love the blog :)

    - mirdith


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