Here comes another review! The limited release of this week is a new floor at Runway. As you may recall, this shop brings us accurate pieces from, well, runwaysI would be insane not to adore this shop.. even if it is actually quite expensive. Still, I wish the release was bigger; five outfits is just not enough SD!

This release was taken from FW 2017-2018 runways. You may definitely spot trends here: see-trough, all over red, power warrior, tailored 40's and obviously red (millennial pink is always around the corner, héhé don't worry). Here is a IRL sneak-peek at the release.

I am beyond satisfied with this, although I did not get all the pieces I wanted. See this Givenchy dress and that Miu-Miu one. On one hand I'm fine not getting it since I have a billion dresses I just can't style, but on the other one I see great potential in those... 

But enough small talk. Here is a compendium of what I bought. I genuinely love those Balmain pieces; they are quite classic and seems to be enough versatile to work with. This is about to be interesting while styling..

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert 💕 (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell 💩 (0 and below)

From the Runway shop
- BODYCON DRESS/Balmaingood, another dress. I am definitely going to cheat with this one in the "outfit part" of this article. The top game is interesting; the fact that the stripes are close makes it less see-through and a little more versatile.. *****
DOGTOOTH JACKET/Balmain: I need kimonos like this one. I need a new one every day. My thirst is endless. Seriously, even as a boy piece, this kimono has some interesting movement. Do I need to add that this pattern it beyond fun? *****
- SUEDE LEGGINGS BOOTS/Balmain: still not fan of tight-high boots, but I must admit that the texture of the legs is just purely insane! It's almost "basic" material, and it's definitely versatile to work with, perfect to jazz-up any boring outfit. *****
- FAKE HAIRY HAT/John Galliano: hahaha I have no explanations for this one.. *****
- PATENT HEELS/Givenchy: my favorite item so far; they are absolutely perfect! Plain red, delicate features and strong minimalism.. a must-have. *****
- CLEAR COAT/Miu Miu: the most intriguing piece.. and definitely the hardest to wear. Still, the millennial pink fur is very funky and the clear plastic material makes it über fashionable. This is not a reasonable expense, but it is definitely a statement piece to show off from time to time! *****

& here are my outfits.
While constructing them, 
I could see some "districts of Paris" theme emerging.  
The first one is about that laid back vibe, but also with a tiny little addition of vanity
The second one is a little more fierce and playful; either extravagant or careless.

Part 1: 
Balmain lover.

Left : Saint Germain Des Prés
Balmain top, Saint Laurent blazer & purse, Vetements jeans, Dior beret, Chanel cuffs + Alexandre Vauthier pumps.

Middle : Le Marais
D&G shirt, Hervé Léger dress, Balmain kimono, Saint Laurent trousers + Gucci bag.

Right : Palais Royal
Balmain skirt & boots, Alexander Wang blazer.

Part 2: 
Cleavage & Furs.

Left : Neuilly sur Seine
YSL shirt, Valentino skirt, Galliano hat + Fendi bag.

Middle : Beaubourg
Miu-Miu coat, Aquazzura boots + Louis Vuitton bag.

Right : Belleville
Gucci cardigan, Dion Lee trousers + Givenchy stilettos.

To finish, let's bring my favorite picks of the collections chosen by SD for this release. I was a little carried away with Balmain. But anyway, enjoy ;)

Givenchy Ready to wear FW 2017-18

Balmain Menswear FW 2017-18

Balmain Ready to wear FW 2017-18

Miu-Miu Ready to wear FW 2017-18

John Galliano Ready to wear FW 2017-18

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!



  1. My favorite piece was the coat but I was poor and not SS :(
    I'm glad to see you did buy (obviously) and how amazing the outfit with it turned out!!

    Your new blog is SO PROFESSIONAL! 😩❤️ I love it

    Beaubourg > Belleville > Le Marais > Palais Royal > Saint Germain Des Prés > Neuilly sur Seine

    1. omg I'm the worst with my SO MANY MONTHS LATER reply :( haha I know that feeling, I'm trying to sell all my closet to get some extra $$$ but it looks like my tastes are not everyone's... and thanks I'm so glad how it turned out ! I hope I'll be active out there again... I think I'll need a new cycle to keep me concentrated :D
      oh and yes, I recognize your sharp sense of fashion love, my personal favorite is Belleville :)


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