Over and over and over again.

I did not really plan on doing this again, but the urge to speak out loud about random fashion stuff (and basically Stardoll business I mean) is becoming kinda oppressive
You might know me from somewhere, mainly because you had the courage to type my url onto your url bar, or head from my past experiences, but as I didn't really improve my stability skills as a writer for other blogs, I figure out that maybe I should be my own boss, with my own schedule and stuffs and then see if I can make it last.
This would probably be my last attempt of blogging about the great but obscure Stardoll, as I grow up and start losing some interest in the site. That's why I prefer to warn you right now : this will neither be a matter of upcoming freebies or announcements about the site, nor a sort of elite magazine. So if you wish to follow me on this adventure, then take a deep breath and I'll take you on a weird trip about trends, things I like, things I hate, tricks and games, and bl**dy Stardoll fashion. Ready ? Then time to dive in !

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hopelessly devoted to you,
-former USD and VD writer-
(I salute my former bosses. They are the best of the best.)