SHOPPING : LE - Spring 2013.

At least, here's what I picked up in the last LE collection.

I was actually starving for LE for weeks, and when I learnt about the new collection, I was both excited and worried
How was it gonna be like ? What would be the theme
and most important of everything : am I going to be disappointed again ?

This season, the collection looks like inspired by the nineties, the punk spirit, the street and Madonna's early years (wtf!?). I think I'll buy the decor later, it looks really great and grungy.
I must say that I regret, like a whole bunch of the Stardoll community, the previous collections. I mean, I feel like the designs are going cheaper in the way they are made. Unfortunately, it was like I over-expected this collection. I usually buy a dress (a real designer dress), a bag (it-bags has been LE's speciality for a while) and if I have enough money left, I like spending it on shoes and accessories.

Obviously, no bag or dress here. Although those type of items weren't that great, I must admit that I was quite impressed by the quality of their "smaller" piece of clothing. The designs are nice, particularly the black items (as you may notice, I only bought that kind of stuff), maybe because they are not-that-risky (small spikes, plain colors, one pattern, plain textures) and look easily wearable and easy to match with any kind of stuffs.

Anyway. I also thought that spikes were dead (ah, those Balmain days..), but I'm glad that this collection showed me the opposite.
So here we go, for a sort-of-spiky outfit. I put out again my Zac Posen headband and recall all my fashionable-punk knowledge.

This spring LE's shorts.

I actually thought I was ready to show you a declination of all the items with their very own outfit, but I wasn't that inspired and I decided to show you only the one with the shorts (less is more, and a french saying remind me that : if you doubt about it, give up on it).
I know that this is a very simple piece of clothing, but I also think that this tells a lot more than it shows. With that kind of short, you can decline many different styles. I picked up the easy one (moody me !), the grunge-punk-sort-o'-stuff (hence the shoes and the bracelets). I decided to add some complexity too, giving it a romantic touch with that forgotten soldier's jacket (told you about Balmain, this could be my little tribute here -you can share a tear), and an old LE lace shirt (from Maje, my real life favorite shirt). I finished the look by giving it structure (my favorite part you know) with that "office type" bag from DVF.

As a conclusion, I must say that I was half disappointed by the collection (we are used to a little more), and half glad that I could renew my black basics wardrobe
So I give it a 6/10.

What did you think about that collection
Did you buy anything ? and how would you rate it ?

Yours truly, 
and devoted to you,

Maurice/ Kickherout.


  1. I was a bit disappointed by the collection as well, for me they are cute but they don't have the 'wow' LE should have. And I guess I'm a bit obsessed by black, cause I only bought black stuff as well, haha

    1. I had the exact same thought.. in this case, I think that just in order not to regret it, we should stick to basics and less risky stuffs C: but I'm actually kind of sad, thinking that sort of thoughts about LE. It used to be so great..


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