SHOPPING : The March's Sale.

I know I may be a little late for this "shopping" review, since the Miss Sixty store isn't on sale anymore
But anyway, here's my pick of this month's sale.

I'm not a huge fan of the Miss Sixty boutique. I mean, I don't buy from it a lot (except when I have a crush), and when I heard about the sale, I thought I would not buy anything from it. But, you know, you start scrolling the pages and putting thing in your shopping bag, you start building outfits on your doll in that dressing room and finally, you buy tons of things that you won't really use, for money you could have spent on something better (LE is coming, right ?).
So I really limited myself on that sale thing. While scrolling the pages, I focused on basics (like : buy a sort of coat you don't already have) and sticked to a restricted number of ideas (buy that piece of clothing you noticed when it first came out, buy things in order to create a precise look..), and I'm really proud to say that I think I chose my items wisely !

I actually had an old Kate Moss 's look in mind that I really looked forward to recreate, and I wanted to buy that orange shorts and that kaki jacket for quite a while, so here we go ;

1. The Kate

I actually refer to the photo above, but instead of an everyday outfit, I wanted to go with something classier. To cope with the fur, I added a draped dress, and I gave a little "art deco" touch with the belt. Oh, and sorry about the cat intrusion on the photo :S

Hat and coat from Miss Sixty's sale.

2. The coat

I was truly looking for that sort of coat for a long time ! It's actually a very relaxed item, and so I wanted to give it an "hello, I'm going to the office" look. That's why I added a pair of edgy shoes, a classic bag and a cute dress. The "lovely" effect of the headband matches both the wild-hippie side of the jacket and the cutie-pie side of the dress.

Coat from Miss Sixty's sale.

3. The shorts

I first wanted to put a white shirt with it, but I realized that it could be way more fun to throw another orange item on it and to combine it with pearls. No, honestly, I really made this one in a very random way, like associating things with each other until the whole thing comes to my taste. Days come and go, sometimes inspiration with it and other times not. It happens, right ?

Shorts from the Miss Sixty's sale.

What about you ? Did you buy any ?

Hope you enjoyed this,
your devoted,
Maurice/ Kickherout

(Stardoll made me do that look- I ain't responsible about this)