Yes, you read it right, there is no mistake in this title. Actually, I'm glad this happened so I can bring up some old hotbuys that I think deserve an article.
So, as you may have guessed, this month's edition is a total fail. I was truly disappointed : too much pink, long and unwearable dresses, and I had a denim jacket overdose with the last subcouture.

I tried. I swear. But nothing came to my taste : I don't understand the pants, I don't like the shoes, I just can't with this bag, and the jackets ? mehhh. I never felt such an urge to save my money !

But April is not a failure month. 
Last year, this month edition was inspired by Dior and it was really interesting !

For instance, I really loved the first silhouette on the left. Clothes are a little bit odd, but I find them very versatile actually ! I really liked that mini dress, which is the only one I actually bought, and I look forward to complete my collection with the bags (so if you wanna get rid of them.. you know who you gonna call haha !). I also kinda fancy the dress of the second silhouette (but it's a bit more challenging to style), and I felt the same about the coat - but it didn't look the same when released in the plaza. That same story you know...

So, here's what I got from this collection :
the mini dress - because it's Cool with a big C
the vinyl boots - I won them in a SMW contest so they're kind of sentimental I guess

1. You're from the sixties, I'm not - Dior dress & Lanvin cuff.
2. Red and purple as a couple should be a crime - Dior boots, Philip Lim bag and some Chinese dress.

Ah, and just so you know, SD messed with the colors, again !