YGTL - Mirdith

I was just doing some courtesy call and this little one just caught my eyes like a slap or a custard pie fight. She does some amazing outfits, and I was too lazy to capture them here. But this one is kinda special : I really really really really love it.

So, may I introduce you Mirdith - who goes by Mireia. She is from Spain and she has a sister. But you already know that since I keep bragging about them all the time. She is the owner of the Stylish Stardoll Sisters blog and FM-style club.

This girl is talented. What I particularly like about this outfit is that I just cannot do as such. I'm rubbish about jumpsuits, and she just simply nailed that in some sort of effortless way. I have so much to learn here ;) oh, and this fox fur looks so great on the shoulder !

Get to know Mirdith on her blog here.

That's NSM/BTD approved !
yes, there is a stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !



  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Marry me already, come on!

    1. haha you are very welcome ! I just adore this outfit ! <3


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