Better late than never, right ? Nehh, I have no excuse. But if I weren't late, you would have been disappointed ;) OK so, let's talk about that last Hotbuys release ! I nearly missed it ; I was like : damn ! is this October already ? weather is so hot here.. I'm unable to keep up with the seasons. And with my "weather" talk, I'm good for the retirement home. Good job myself !

So, here is a sneak peak of what was available this September. There are some very good pieces, and some I won't mind if they weren't here.

This is what I picked. I think that those pieces look very classical, but they are good staples to work with :
- the pleated skirt : vintage but so versatile ;
- the victorian shirt : definitely vintage, but definitely versatile ;
- the bralette : not vintage but versatile ;
- the velvetish boots : ok I'm done, let's say they just have a good shape !

Here is what I've made ; those pieces looked so classic I wanted to give them a very alternative look :

1. Glam rock - HB blouse + D&G tiara + Isabel Marant shoulder bag.
2. Industrial punk - HB skirt + PPQ bag + Chanel watch + Saint Laurent tights.
3. Nu metal - HB bralette & boots + Saint Laurent blazer + Sonia Rykiel bag + PPQ skirt.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.