SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, to the Semi-Final.

Believe me or not, my job is eating all my time - I'm a modern slave :D
Anyway, here is a little recap on what happened on those last tasks of FM-Style's Cycle 12. Because.. yes, I'm still in the competition ! Fasten your seat belts, this is going to take a while.

EDIT : Final's results are released, but I'll do a complete special article for that task.

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not a tapestry

If I can wear no color at all, that would be my dream ; but sometimes, I can go of the rails. When it comes to patterns, I always have some things in mind. Of course, there is this last Gucci editorial line, but what I like to recall is an old Miu-Miu collection. Here is a little cocktail of that one :

I think that what I liked the most about this Miu-Miu era is the ability of the pattern to be totally wild while being employed in a very reserved manner. That's how I wanted my outfit to look like. I kept that Miu-Miu era in the pants and tried to find a complete opposite for the top. Since it wasn't that obvious, I decided to add that blue-yellow game with the cardigan, belt, shoes and bag.

Here's the judges commentary :

I think that was kind of okay ; just that pattern confusion, that lack of obviousness gave me a close shave ! Actually, I'm still proud of what I did here ; but I think that if I have to do it again, I would go totally crazy on the colors !

Also, I loved what Mireia did : flowers and stripes are tricky but at the same time very satisfying together. I liked what Marta did too, mostly because she gave a totally different use to that coat !


blending in

This is going to be very interesting ! Here is the background I chose : I love its mysterious atmosphere and its color scheme.

And here are the ideas that popped into my mind while figuring out what to do with it ; Lucy was so close and I'm so proud she found out what I wanted to express with that background. So there are thriller series (Sherlock and Whitechapel), just for that "back alley" vibe. Something very anti-hero-ish. 
I also had a Saint Laurent smoking idea for the general allure of the outfit ; but I guess that what was the most important, while recreating something schemer, is also to be a little literal : I was obsessed with linking that wet floor to the outfit.

Here's the final result. I like it, but I'm not sure about everything. I like how it blends in the background, but the quality of the composition is still bothering me. The top part of the outfit isn't that great - ok, I've only used that shirt because it symbolized so much bad weather. That's lame. And the shoes choice is more a default one : I needed a gold trim to match that shoulder bag. Not a masterpiece here I'm afraid...

Here's the judges commentary :

Something went wrong here, but.. still competing ! 
My co-contestants were more inspired than me. Here is a little compendium of what they did.


boys & girls
I can be your ? you could be my ? come on rock my world

A boy to style ! This competition keeps me on the edge of my seat. Ok so, here are what I had in mind while thinking about that task. Very burberrish, very fantastic like Alice in Wonderland going on a Sunday hunt in the country while accidentally lost in the forest. That's twisted but that's also the point. HAHA ; please, pour more tea.

Ok so here is attempt #1. I turned my doll for a couple of hours into a boy ; doesn't look that bad but while looking at those two together.. I found them boring. They are matching, they look cute and from the same batch but in the same time they are totally forgettable

Attempt #2 was more satisfying. I took the "editorial" path here and transformed my inspiration into something tangible. I have an obsession for foxes and I happen to have one fox pal in my storage. I also mix-matching the feminine-masculine vibes for the tops so the two outfits can really bond together. All that I can say is I'm not bored anymore ;)

Here's the judges commentary :

I wasn't feeling safe with that pal doll, but in the same time I'm happy with how it turned out ! And, obviously, it gave me a ticket FOR THE FINAL !

And I definitely need to do a little shout-out to Marta : I can't help myself loving what she did for this task. The colors, the shapes, the whole idea of those two outfits are beyond perfection ! The final is going to be very very tough !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..