FOLLOW UP FM-Style's Cycle 15 - task 3

It's about time ! I should have done this a billion years earlier - but a billion years earlier I was not ready for a quality article. Eheheheh I don't post that much so better be some good reading right ? 

Good reading = good review = good thematic. Entonces, here's a good review of the task coming after FM-Style's task 2 : FM-Style's task 3. With some good luck I'll be inspired to write three articles in a row 1. for catching my delay - we're currently on task 6, 2. so you'll be entertained for a week thanks to my beautiful self. You're welcome. 

AAAAND I forgot my good manners ; here's the task (well, look above). Tartan... TAR-TAN. What the 😳 am I gonna do ? I feel so lost regarding this pattern when the season is not corresponding outside. It's one of this thing that I can work better when I'm in the mood ; otherwise, it'll look like I'm a giraffe trying to figure out how to ice-skate for the first time. I know, sounds better in French - well no, it doesn't. Told you I'm inspired today... eheh

This is the idea of tartan that pops in my mind when it's not Fall outside (yes, tartan = Fall do not get me started on this debate). Quirky kitchen props and odd & old fashioned all over styles, or young maiden from the sixties. Not sure how edgy I feel regarding those... I also went digging up Pinterest for some inspiration, see below.

Moschino 2013 and Dolce&Gabbana 2008
Wide skirt and epic Scottish silhouettes, all over and wild. 
I like it but I'm still not sure how to 2018 this.

There's another thing about tartan that is giving me some appeal.
Tartan is warm, tartan is Fall, tartan is cosy.
I especially love the material and the texture it's giving to any outfit...

Lastly, I have in my computer some archive of the runway outfits that I liked.
Moschino, Saint Laurent & Sportmax.
I think I might do a "HOW TO" Tartan Special...
I might, I said. I might.

I was definitely out of inspiration to post my entry... So I picked what would be the most comforting to my eye : the cosy side of tartan. So I went for a play on textures, mostly working on jean and wool. A solid square clutch to give structure and a pair of classic-basic sneakers (my faves IRL cos I'm not going to wear freakin Stan Smith ok they cool but I need difference gaddamitt) to make things less saggy. I also wanted to used this tartan shirt for such a long time, so in a way, it was a little victory for me and I'm so happy to finally incorporate this piece in one of my outfits ! 

I ended bottom-middle with this outfit. I must say, the other contestants were really good on that one, and perhaps tartan was not showing that much on my entry... anyway. I just decided to rework a little bit on this - the main reason why I cannot send those outfits as entries would be, well, editing. None of these are doable without my creative software - thanks apple. So here's my "blog" tartan outfits, on a aristocratic Scottish ladyship punk vibe. Enjoie !

As always, here's a little shout-out to my favorite outfits of both judges and contestants from this task. I adore how they work on the classy side of tartan. Well done !

top to bottom & left to right : AudreyHepburn., bornthiswaay, janetteLow

Lauri brought us some military tartan chic, Rawan played the minimalist plaid card and Janette went for a subtle black texturized & tailored tartan.

So, what do you think about this task ?
How would you have done ?

Good luck and stay tuned for the upcoming tasks 😘