LOOKBOOK #1 - Velvet Orchid 2018

And yes, that's a new Column. 
I dared just for fun the Stylish Stardoll Sisters to try do something with the Velvet Orchid shop - I just can't with that one. And they did wonders (check that out), almost right on time for the last FM-Style task
Lemme explain : we have to style eras (yes, feedback is coming up soon) and I picked quite randomly 00's... which is for me tacky to the max (I was a pre-teenage girl at that time, trust me there was a lot of pink, glitter and plastic stuff involved).

So, as I'm working on this task, I decided to make up with this shop and try to embrace "tacky". Still, I went for a bazaar hunt, and that was beyond worth it : almost everything is sold for super cheap (sometimes that is not a good sign but I took the bet it could still be a good addition to my closet). Also, I realized that there are quite interesting things here... which is enough to start a compendium of outfit that I decided to name (it took me sometime to figure out) : Lookbook. HAHAHA jk.
Enjoie !

Left : Las Vegas parano, but in Cuba and Mexico.
Velvet Orchid pants, shoes (HB) and chocker.

Middle : At one point, we may expect skirt over pants to come back right ? right ? right ? ohff*...
Velvet Orchid skirt, sandals and tank top.

Right : Crazy and tacky ex-girlfriend who happens to like gold a lot and to be an Illuminati fellow traveler.
Velvet Orchid tank top, shirt and bomber.

Left : Pastel & holo, who'd've thought ?
Velvet Orchid "the only item I properly picked and owned before throwing myself into this and IT IS STARCOINS" skirt.

Middle : Plastich ist fantastich ; I do not speak German but I'd love to see that at the Berghain.
Velvet Orchid sweater and skirt.

Right : Nikita's spy cover, no one will ever wonder she's here to kick a*ss.
Velvet Orchid shirt and socks.

Left : She, the graphic designer, wants to show you her new messenger bag. Look at it. I SAID LOOK AT IT. 
Velvet Orchid shirt.

Middle : Plastic ninja - yep, inspiration took a break sorry.
Velvet Orchid shirt, skirt, coat and bag.

Right : Molière has a living nightmare, and that's Linda being an occasional yelp theater critic.
Velvet Orchid shirt.



  1. I love when Linda and the graphic designer appear in your posts hahaha
    As always, AMAZING outfits and super funny hehe


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