Ah, commitment. My favorite worst nightmare. My burden is named here "hottest buys of the month" and, even if it's a monthly column that happened once, it's already getting on my nerves. This means that I have to make some quality outfits to 30 days in shop clothing.
That is not really supposed to be torture. In fact, when I look back at some previous releases, I'm glad I only started this column this year ! I have some kind of a chart for HBs. Since the monthly release include ten items, if more than five are ok : it's a good batch. If not : I am angry for a month.

Scrolling through blogs, I found what seemed to be the inspiration of this release.
This March, SD granted us with some Red Valentino, Zuhair Murad and McQueen fashion. 

I was really skeptical at first. It's a little bit (oh not again) seventies, but also military (ah !). 
I bought five things (which is a lot !) :
- the sweater, still because I'm high on seventies
- the dress, maybe the most interesting item since this is quite unusual and clearly un-style-able
- the coat, because it's long and, for once, the pattern isn't too girly-aggressive
- the kimono, but I already regret it, the sleeves are badly shaped - I wish they were longer
- the boots, even if we can discuss about their length, they are quality clothing.

I've decided to go literal. The first three outfit are war related - I put on Full Metal Jacket's soundtrack and this is what came out of my troubled mind. 
For the last two.. well, I have some imagination ; haha !

1. Canon meat : Valentino coat, PPQ bag and Sonia Rykiel beret.
2. Yes, Officer ! : McQueen dress and a funny hat.
3. Social media fighter : Valentino kimono and Cheap Monday boots.

4. Liberty bell : Zuhair Murad boots and Vivienne Westwood bag.
5. Surrender time : that 70's show sweater and YSL bag.

So, what did you picked ?



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