RANDOM - and I won a contest ! YAY !

AND I need to brag about this. Do you remember when I've told you about those little contests I did ? well, I took a chance on the last Instagram competition held by SD for the 10 years anniversary of the website. And I was one of the winners !

I really liked this. This was actually an old contest I already did on Stardoll's Most Wanted a while ago. Even though I did not win that one, I really enjoyed to make this little journey through my SD years, and to see how my doll changed.

Here's what I've made for the SMW competition :

And here is the update version - I actually should have saved my doll more often in the album...

Anyway, I'm glad I could share this with you ;
Did you took part in this contest too ?
You can share your own evolution in the comment, 
I'm really curious to see how your doll "aged" !



  1. Love this so much!!
    I should do my evolution!! I have looots of dolls with my doll wearing terrible outfits hahahaha The thing is that lately i dont do it, but before I used to save my doll like EVERYTIME I changed outfits, so I really have LOTS of awful things saved.
    Love the last part by the way, all outfits are SUPER DUPER AMAZING!!!! I'm in loveee!! MARRY ME AGAIN!
    M. ;)

    1. haha I stopped at the "saved in spotlight" outfits :D and I guess that FM-style is one of the reason the bottom outfits are kinda nice !
      AND YOU SHOULD definitely do one - it's time consuming but you feel so emotional at the end ! (and I want to see how your "kid-teenager" doll was like :D)
      AND YES I DO !
      ah, I should come back more often ;)
      take care, be safe, cheers xx


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