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Hello helloooo ! It's been quite a while, and I hope you're all ok ! 

Anyway. This weekend, SD released a 48 (?) hours collection. I must say I'm quite impress by the progress this store made. I remember a very "meh" first collection, with a bunch of unwearable dresses. Here, it's the complete opposite - and I've even found a good opportunity to renew my basics. I especially love the "cropped" jackets...

So, here's what I've bought :

There are also some pieces that I kinda fancy on the moment but, after buying them, I really didn't know what to do with. Still, the mint skirt was a surprise. It was the first thing I regretted but also the first with which I had some ideas.

Here's what I've made :

1. I don't wanna dance - the fur outfit that Mø might have worn
2. Lolita on a date - still those Cheap Monday boots, I know..
3. Cutie out and about - never thought crimson and mint could be a thing.

that's it,
so, what did you get ?



  1. That pink fur jacket.. I wanted it! Wasn't superstar and I don't wanna pay for a while until I ran out of stardollars, soo wasnt able to buy :(
    I did buy the leather jacket though, but nevermind! About your outfits.... FIRST ONE..... PEEEEERFEEECTION!! I like the other two as well but the first one is why I regret not buying membership just to get that coaaat :'(

    1. ohoh I get what you mean ! when I saw this, I couldn't believe that SD did actually make something good. I don't know if you see this scene from Despicable Me when Agnes is all about the "fluffy" unicorn. That was me in front of my screen..


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