Long time no see eh !
OK, I thought it was easy to keep up with a blog ; but my work is siphoning my brain off. When I go home, I just have the energy to eat something before falling deeply asleep in my sofa, with the laptop on and burning my knees.
But, you know, I always have some time for the Hotbuys section. So, here we go !

When I looked at the picture for the first time, I wasn't sure about my love for anything ; this is just too random for me. I can't see any guideline here, there is no editorial line here for me, just a bunch of items that don't really match. 
Actually, this isn't a bad thing. When I took them one by one, creativity showed up and I could start figuring out how to deal with those. After all, counting the number of things that I've bought made me realize that this is quite a good release we had this month !

Here are the items that I've picked :
- the sweater : this collar is life
- the glasses : you can never have too many glasses
- the bracelet : seen on SSS - I'm such an influenced person
- the clutch : you can never have too many clutches
- the coat : it's that kind of thing you don't really know why you are buying it but you definitely know you need it although you'll never use it - moreover, the quality of the graphics here is insane !
- the shoes : it's a SMW gift, and you can never have too many SMW gifts.

1. In the need for blood - HB shoes, Saint Laurent jacket + necklace, Versus clutch, Isabel Marant undies.
2. The Hobbit : fashion week in the Shire - HB coat, D&G tiara + bag.
3. I have no idea whatsoever for a caption here - HB glasses + sweater, PPQ pumps.
4. In the need for ornaments - HB clutch + bracelet, Moschino blouse, Marc Jacobs fur, Sonia Rykiel beret.

Also, our friends at SSS started a very awesome new column,
in partnership with SMW.
If you like to get inspired and win things,
you should definitely check them out when a HB is released !

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


  1. I was waiting for this! Loving every single outfit (even if i ended up not buying anything this month)! Specially the first one though!! Those ballerinas may have been the only item that I consider buying! I think I prefer this month (November), looks super sporty and I like that! :D


    1. yeah, I tried to take part in SMW's comps but I have no inspiration whatsoever when the item comes out ; I don't know why but I wish I could produce those kind of outfit directly on the release.. I guess it's just like good wine, it needs maturation in my mind :D
      AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE going to make for November. I'm already 100% thrilled about your last HB articles !
      besos besos y besos x


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