SHOPPING : LE - Fall 2016

I received the warning mail and I couldn't help being excited ! But the thing is, I couldn't connect when the release was online, and this costed me the loss of some of the best pieces of this collection.

OK, so welcome to the Frustration 1.0.1 classroom. Please, take a seat. There were statement pieces in this collection ; the true gem kind of. Editorially speaking, you did "insert a bunch of rude words" great, Stardoll ! I can't say how much I love this collection, although some of the pieces are not my style, the ones that I love are just PURE GOLD.

Ok here is a little compendium of what I would have bought if I weren't that slow.
I mean : I missed a black blazer, dammit.

But still, I think I did great with "the leftovers". I'm satisfied with every single piece that I've got. Also, let's be honest, I haven't bought much - it's the actual first time my wallet feels so empty so quickly.. I'm afraid there should have been an issue in between me and the prices (come on, around 90 for a blouse ?).

Ah, and we're also experiencing some turbulences..
The Chanel make-up (yes, I bought the palette IRL and trust me I'll have burgundy wine color on my face all along winter) isn't really "to scale" ;
see below :

Anyway, let's move on to the outfits :

Just a quick note : we had a very nice headband as a freebie, and I must say I'm impressed by the quality of the object ; it's definitely filed in the category : most rentable items ever (remember the white freebie shirt). Also, all those accessories gave me some inspiration to work with gowns, and I'm so happy it happened, like I left them aside for such a long time it was starting to frustrate me a little bit...

1. Born to be a dancer - Saint Laurent blazer, D&G body, Wolford body, Chanel jewelry & DKNY stilettos. 
2. Delicate cat - Maison Michel headband, Rodarte blouse, DVF purse, PPQ shoes + skirt.
3. Punk people still can't dress up properly but who cares - Michael Kors dress & Cavalli purse.

4. Melissandre goes to the grocery store - Valentino gown + stilettos, Versus clutch & Celine bangle. 

What did you think about this ?
That was a good one !
I'll give it a 8/10.
ok, maybe I'm just too frustrated, but eh..
Next time, I'll be on time ;)