SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, the results.

Ok, so I started to prepare and plan some articles for this forsaken blog, and I totally forgot to give the ultimate update on FM-Style's cycle 12 - that column that kept me writing here.

OK. OK. Spoiler alert (come on, you shouldn't feel spoiled, everyone knows about what happened, right ? eheh jk) : I WON. W. O. N.

I am a huge fan of Instagram, like, I don't post anything anymore on Facebook (which is just now for me the ultimate stalking device) ; all my life is on Instagram. But, you know, I'm not like those people that take really great pics. Mine are just random and messy things. Quite personal actually - I don't care about the likes - and if I did I might have gone into depression haha.

I felt like I wanted to post my IRL account but I'm still shy.. 
If Instagram was easier to use on computers, I think I'll definitely keep that stardoll account updated !

Here are my outfits in the same order as asked by the judges :

I tried to create something wearable throughout the day and the night, as if my doll wouldn't mind keeping her outfit she wore all day long to go out at night. She is both quiet and funky !

if I had to do FW, I would definitely have gone there as an editor-in-chief ; the outfit has to be flawless (I love the idea of a cold and distant person.. or snobbish, depends on your point of view ;D) and I guess inducing a trend, like "the lipstick isn't on the lips anymore" or else..

I worked on the "no big deal" side of the outfit : just a cool cashmere sweater, a coordinate pair of jeans and a comfy cardigan can be a good mix for "I'm not looking forward to accomplish anything today, but I still look ok !".

I literally took it as a tribute to autumn. The dress has a turtleneck and a slit, expressing both summer and winter. I added birds for the "migration" journey they are doing at this time of the year, and a huge hanging coat, you know, "just in case it's raining this afternoon" ; the loafers are just a nod to the "back to business" season.

I tried to create some contrast here : the heels and the jewelry and the YSL skirt are giving a very sophisticated/complex outfit, whereas the comfy blazer, the teeshirt and the huge and cuddly Chanel bag create a very chill vibe ; it's as if she has a very important meeting but she can totally go through it like.. no big deal ;)

Outfits #3 and #4 were the most liked by the judges, but I must admit that my favorite one is the #2. Anyway, if you want to check what everyone has done, click here (and here is my recap album). I really enjoyed this cycle, it's always a great opportunity to discover new talents and faces ! A huge congrats to everyone who participated, and a huge thanks for those who followed and commented ! Also, a huge hug to Marta and Sia, the two other finalists who were awesome challengers :)

That's it for this cycle !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! You nailed it this cycle it was a victory well deserved! ;)
    And I'm really happy to see your name on the hall of fame of the club!

    1. Thanks a bunch Judith ! that is such an honor :) xx

  2. I second what Judith said obviously!
    Buut I want to add more things haha about instagram specifically! Hahah I totally get you about the stardoll instagram! I did one instagram for the blog for creating screen shots for the review post and i wanted to keep it but omg it's so damn hard to have to send everything to your phone when you're on your laptop. Im lazy, the internet world should know that, they can't pretend multiple steps for me! haha jk buuut i loved what you said about your real insta! I wish I had the abbility to not worry about the likes though haha So my insta is an intent of beautiful photos mostly of my trips haha

    And well, thank you for the spoiler you wifey!
    I didn't know you won that thing! ;)

    1. omg i didnt realize i was writing so much

      my bad

    2. haha thanks a million ! and no, please, NEVER apologize for writing too much, I love reading, I love reading you ! ok, that's awkward, people will find out about us..
      they should definitely improve that issue ; the other day, I tried to post some ootd and it took me literally an hour. I feel so old :D
      and I'm sure you're nailing the insta game. You're the boss, I'm fan #1. ;) ;) ;)


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