5! : how to deal with 2017 trends - FLOWER edition.

That article is sleeping in the "unpublished" section for too long. It needs to be release ; because this end of 2016 is going to be busy. FM-Style cycle 13 is coming up (guess who is JUDGING haha) and Tribute are just around the corner. So, better be ready right ?

I wanted to comment what Vogue France has established as the trends of 2017. Luckily for the 5! column, there are indeed 5 of them : flowers, sports, pink, metallic and b&w.

While reading the Vogue article, the "flower" they are promoting here isn't any kind of pattern. It has to be like your grandmother's kitchen in the 70s (no no no not again). This wallpaper-ish version of a flower pattern is quite bright and clearly a statement. I've tried to figure out in this article how I would style it. As usual, please, feel free to comment because, well, with this trend, I must admit I'm a little confused...


I want this confusion to go away. My weapon : Pinterest. With method, you can overcome any hard situation. Here are some chosen picks of what I've found that could be interesting as an inspiration. The first series of pictures are from runaways and SS 2017 (mostly resort) collections. You can spot in order of appearance D&G, Gucci, Erdem, Valentino and Cavalli.

Then, I praised Alexa. As I'm a total freak and I almost know her wardrobe by heart, I recalled that she wore somehow a Christopher Kane dress that had some weird flowerish pattern. It took me quite a moment to find it (hence the fail on the left - that's the google shenanigan) ; it is more known on Emma Watson than on Alexa, but you know, I don't really care about anyone else than Alexa so.. I've posted the runway version (right) so you may get it a little better..

Since Christopher Kane seemed to be a good start, I search for what he planed for SS 2017. And that's a bingo ! I loved how he paired it with gingham. I think I'll follow him on that path, but also on the fact that using touches, that are mostly graphic instead of wallpaperish, can brighten an outfit without killing it.


Level 1 : the Kane dress

Ok let's start with that dress I've just talked about. Surely I have it in my closet (remember how psych about Alexa I can be) ; the deal is to match its details with accessories (the "detail" part of the outfit) of the same color scheme. The rest is plain black so the accent stays on the texture of the dress. Only the flowers are highlighted here.

Level 2 : shy flowers

This vest is perfect : flowers but not the "show off" kind of. The whole outfit has to remain basic, only the accessories and shoes should recall the outfit (it's only a touch, not a full twinset coordination). The flowers are here but they are not making the whole thing weird.

Level 3 : the grandmother skirt

There is just a key here to overcome an old flower pattern : the modernity of the other clothing used. A structured coat that brings seriousness to the naive flowers, lines on the sweater that gives energy to this floppy skirt and a pair of combat boots that your grandmother definitely cannot put on. Who says old now ?

Level 4 : how to punk the flowers

Embroidery flowers sounds like punk flowers. JK no they don't ; so they will be perfect for my punk outfit. The thing would be cliché to go entirely punk. Touches are more surprising.. it's as if you were creating a path that links the whole thing. The embroidery flowers echoed to the gem flowers of the bag, that goes with that silver choker that goes with those combat boots. Yeah, like touches that give the general vibe.

Level 5 : blue "editorialist" flowers

I'm not joking anymore. I don't see many blue flowers - I can name some but they are quite rare where I live. A blue, unusual flower should be then perfect for the editorialist outfit. As you may noticed, the previous outfits were paired with black ; therefore, I chose white here. I added structure to the center of the bust and blur to the arms ; minimalism is the key here - only shapes should be a statement. The flowers are surrounding the outfit without smothering it.

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,



  1. Last outfit is everything!*.* Great post, loving the inspiration part too!

  2. O M G

    I knew this post was good before reading it. The thing is that the other day (December 14th) when I saw the post, I was in class. When I'm at the end of the class where nobody can see what I'm looking at in my laptop... I secretly log in stardoll and check the blogs (hehe, I'm a super responsible student I know). The thing is that on December 14th I had just done an exam before so I was not focused to read anything, but I KNEW this was good, so I saved a mark on my browser. Today I'm here doing nothing (bored), and I was thinking about what to do, so I was looking at my marks (are they even called marks? I'm just translating from "marcadores" in spanish), and then I saw THIS. And oh my lord, I'm so glad I did. I'm even happy with myself for saving this treasure for a moment like this. I love reading your post and then commenting EVERYTHING on them. Today is the perfect day as I feel like smashing my fingers on the keyboard and I don't have nothing to do so I don't feel guilty spending my time writing and writing. I feel a little bad for you when you read this whole bible though haha

    Anyway, back to the post! Love the idea of creating this for each of the trends of 2017 (I hope that you make them all, cause from flowers, sports, pink, metallic and b&w, flowers is my least favorite one)! hahaha and even I dont like flowers I love the post, the work behind it, your Alexa obsession and mostly YOUR outfits! They are definitely SO YOU! Oh, I 'm so glad to have you judging side by side on this coming cycle Maurice, I really am. I was going to choose a favorite outfit but I can't. I literally can't. I love them all, and all those details? YOU ARE AN ARTIST! A STYLISH! A PERFECT PERSON OMG!

    Am I annoying? hahah I hope not too much

    Lovee yooou and can't wait for sports (is the next one right? right? right? :D )


    1. I have to tell you a secret : you almost wrote this comment on my birthday, amore ! and.. this is your most magnificent comment ever !
      You know that I know that feeling ! I'm sneaking on SD at work right now - it's becoming an obsession call the doctors - because even tho I'm not answering to anyone (the sound of the keyboard is scaring me a lot) I'm peeping on FM-style's forum ALL DAY. I need this cycle to begin (am I going to be a good cop or a bad coop ?)
      anyway, I don't know what I'm writing anymore, I'm too excited right now about things coming up ! I'm so happy you like this idea of 2017 trends but I have no idea on how am I going to deal with that.. I think I might change the column, it takes me literally a week to put everything together and time is a true downer here :( but I need, DESPERATELY NEED to talk about that ;)

      oh and in French this is a "marque page" but it's kinda for a paper book not really internet stuff. I think everyone is lazy and says "mark" as in English, but "onglet épinglé" (pinned tab) should be the correct expression...

      YOU ARE THE GOOD ANNOYING PERSON and please, annoy more, annoy always ; you know I'm your favorite audience for that ;) ;) ;)
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (spoiler alert, yes : sports).
      AMOR SIEMPRE TODA LA VIDA bla bla bla :*


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