SHOPPING - Antidote (2)

How about a quick Antidote review ? I have no idea when this was exactly released, but I actually bought stuff from it on sunday evening.. and some things were still available. But I think I missed the most interesting part of this release. Here is a little compendium of my laziness :

This collection obviously take us to the Vetements/Acne/etc. trends. Oversized, unfeminine, streetwear and statement pieces. I promised myself that I would not buy dresses anymore, because they are too many in my closet and I have almost no use for them (tell me you're experiencing the same thing !). But here, I think that my best buy was... the dress. I love its shape and the mesh thing that gives it a delicate touch ! I don't really have an opinion for the rest ; but I'm quite anticipating what I may create with the Balenciaga bag and the weird booties.

The theme I chose for this batch of outfits is "some Disney princesses". I think they definitely fit in a commercial for Vetements/Acne/etc. No, jk héhé ; but still, I thought that it would be fun to imagine them as today's young generation...

1. Ariel as a sunset on the sea - Antidote top and pants.
2. Belle as a Parisian book lady - Antidote dress, D&G bag, Erdem skirt & Marc Jacobs fur.
3. Aurore as the teenager that just woke up - Antidote tights and beanie, D&G undershirt & Chanel bag.
4. Elsa as a posh storm (yeah sorry that's poor I know) - Antidote bag and booties, Balmain skirt.

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,