HELLO hello ! I'm not writing much these days, but that doesn't mean I'm forgetting about the blog. Let's say that I kinda have to force myself to log in these days.. not inspired or I don't know. Sometimes it comes and goes ! 
Anyway, there is one thing I cannot avoid - and this is still a pleasure to chat about it : the Hotbuys column ! So, without useless rambling, here is my review of last month's release. 
Just a quick note : I didn't really took part in the comps of SMW and SSS related to Hotbuys, but please please please, take some time to check them out ! I promise, you won't regret it 😉

Alright so, this month's release was quite "retro-ish" (90's to 00's ?). I must admit that I was truly waiting for that kind of "tank" cleavage so I can work with it on the site.. but unfortunately, it turned out as unusable for my taste (like I think I just need a regular length, basic-colored tank top). Still, some pieces are staples and I ended up buying a lot (7 items this month !). See below :

Here are what I bought :
- the long dress : love the cleavage, but not sure about the length 
- the tank top : love the cleavage, but not sure about the color
- the cashmere sweater : this one IRL is a wanted piece
- the mom jeans : more wearable than these
- the platform sneakers : kind of Spice Girls, but kind of today-ish
- the granny purse : I needed some silver detailed purse.. 
- the chain-choker : perfect, embellishes everything, goes with everything. #1 BFF.

And here are the outfits that I've made with some of them :

1. Going through winter doesn't mean you have to dress like your grandma - HB sneakers.
2. That sweater goes with everything - HB sweater + choker, Saint Laurent blazer + purse.
3. When you're on holidays at your parents and you accidentally stained your jeans - HB jeans, Kenzo  sweater & Hermes bag.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


  1. I don't know how you do it! I love EVERY outfit! My fav has to be the one you had to wear when you stained your jeans and had to wear your mum's. I see it was a good HB month for you! :D Glad to see you're still logging in for the hotbuy column, I feel like we're doing kinda the same on SSS haha
    loooovee yoooouuu xx

    1. haha it took me some time actually to put everything together ! the first batches were awful ! and I'm so glad you like this one ;)
      and yeah, I know that feeling ! but you're doing well on your blog ! I mean, you post so many good things there when I only reach 4 articles a month :D
      but I don't know, I don't find SD really inspiring these days.. I hope they'll hook us with some good stuff by the end of the year ! I'm not ready to give up on this site now !
      xxxxxxx love you toooooooooo !


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