Nothing frustrated me more than not posting about Hotbuys. Even if I was absent, I've still worked on that column.. so might as well deliver you this before it sounds way too late !

Girlish, punkish and definitely 2000's ; not my cup of tea but I must admit, I loved playing with those pieces. They have a very interesting quirky vibe... so you might either see that as a statement, or, as I saw them, as challenging pieces that should be regarded as basics.

Here are what I bought :
the cropped mom jeans : can't get enough of those, I mean look at those legs !
the velvet cache-coeur : an interesting piece of great graphic quality !
the silver jacket : quirky and retro, statement-like.
the graphic oversized glasses : definitely a statement..
- the string bow : favorite piece so far, it's that kind of accessory that gives a je-ne-sais-quoi to any outfit !

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Seriously quirky - HB jacket, Galliano trousers, McQueen bag & Gucci shoes.
2. Nightly quirky - HB top, Alexander Wang blazer & Saint Laurent purse.
3. Subtly quirky  - HB jeans + necklace, Chanel jacket, D&G purse & DKNY shoes.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.