Dear everyone,

I feel like I have to explain a couple of things.

I am truly sorry for being such an inactive prick lately - and not giving any news about it. I thought that I could totally manage my newly professional life and my online passion for fashion but today the fact is : NOPE. Organisation is a trait that is not part of my personality I am afraid..
I'm really sorry for letting down people I really cherish and disappointed others. 
Future is really uncertain. I am not able to say if I will be back in the stardollsphere and be as active as I used to. Trust me, I have tried ; but my daily life is so busy that I kept ending up sleeping on my keyboard every single time I logged in.
Creativity is an issue too ; maybe it's just me, but I have found the SD offer quite poor for my taste lately. I still have that chronic need for fashion - and I must admit I am quite active on my tumblr because reposting does not need a lot when the only device you have access to is your phone in the train when you go to work.

Anyway, enough excuses. See you around pumpkins !

M. xx