So, three "release" articles and already two on Evil Panda ? I have no idea what's going on; I am not an Evil Panda fan, but damn, these releases are good. Well, not everything but stillLet's have a quick look and see what's great and what's wearable... ehehe.

Not cheap. I miss already the last Pearls release with its gazillion (well couple) of sc stuff. Here, just a silly hat. The more I look at it, the more I think that this shop is kinda lunatic. On one side, you have those crazy costumes from somewhere in Japan (yep, kinda Harajuku but a little too literally kawaii - or perhaps I'm too old for this lol jk). But on the other side, you have some amazing versatile kinda daft items. Amongst them, I've picked my 4 fantastic favorites : the chunky monster coat (où est le fuuu ?), the Kenzo bag (oh yes yes yesyesyes), the charentaises from hell and that graffiti shirt because there's a planet on it (do not ask why I do not know myself).

No particular inspo whatsoever, but only some sort of a lunatic vibe... because, you got it, of this weird release. Some might see a little of the crazy Japan stuff, but I think that I went for the general daft vibe of some Evil Panda items. You know, kids that go rebellious because adolescence is sneaking a peak but then end up working in a bank cos you gotta pay da mortgage like everybodyNo yolo anymore you lil' rascal stop stomping on my shrubbery I swear you gotta pay for those peonies.

Left : Soldaten der Liebe.
Those Evil Panda charentaises & coat, Gucci fan, Lanvin belt, Mulberry bag + Dior beret.

Middle : This ballerina needs a bath.
That Evil Panda bag (Kenzo), Vivienne Westwood shirt, Dior tulle skirt, Saint Laurent jeans + Alexandre Vaultier shoes.

Right : Upper east side communist.
That Evil Panda shirt, Saint Laurent jeans, Dior shoes + Miu Miu bag.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!

sorry about this... I have no idea why I posted it here 😶



  1. Hahaha!
    I love when there's new posts in your blog, I always end up laughing ;)

    I want to buy those red super long pants... don't know why

    1. HAHA they're just for you actually :D so I'm happy if you enjoyed it :)
      aaaaand if you style those pants (are they like... interesting ?) please PLEASE PLEEEEASE post this por favor cos I definitely have no idea how to deal with those XD


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