Another day, another Tribute ramble ! This time: the almighty and constant Saint Laurent. It is the safe bet for my style: black, tailored, a slight punk vibe... I never thought I could be more happy with this release. Let me tell you why.

Feathers, balloonesques shapes: a whole new game. The SS18 collection is a gem for me. It suggest the unexpected - definitely I never saw that coming. But yet, it is very pleasing. Although outside of my comfort zone, I just plainly adored it. It is properly unconventional, definitely defying normality and still extremely practically chic. Extremely practically chic.

This outfit is the most perfect of the collection. Everything about that dress is magnificent. Shape, length, material, style and vibe. It is just offering a whole new range of perspectives regarding the minimalist ideal. Eventho I'm a huge partisan of minimalistic "comfort zone" wardrobes, I am always afraid of seeing coming the moment when I'll be bored about it. With this collection, this is just shuffling the cards again. Brilliant.


Pot-pourri of Saint Laurent stuff. Just pick one they're all perfect.

Hippie vibes.

YAS feathers.

Stardoll wasn't miserly about this collection. Even if there were a ton to pick up, I still have some guidelines if you want to focus on an extra "extremely ownable picks" shopping spree. Follow me.

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert 💕 (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell đŸ’© (0 and below)

From this Tribute shop
BLACK FEATHER THIGH HIGHS: available in electric blue for the daring darlings out there, but the black one is challenging itself - still a must have cos you don't cross that stuff often *****
LACE VICTORIAN PUFF BLOUSE: ok, this is so 2017 (a nod to that "2017 trends" article I never wrote lolz let's be realist) but it is the most perfect version from this revival category *****
WIDE SUEDE SAFARI BELT: a funky but mute accessory, ideal to jazz up any outfit *****
FUCHSIA PUF SLEEVE PUFF BLOUSE: the name is weird, and so the shape... but come on, a little challenge sometimes uh ? *****
FEATHER BALL DRESS: not wearable as well, but this is the essence of the collection... perfect for lazy stylings *****

And here are my outfits.
Since I adored this "upside down" vibe experience of this collection, I tried to elaborate a series of outfits symbolizing a double-opposite personality. 

Erratic personalities.

Left : Shopaholic hippie
Saint Laurent outfit, Gucci fan + PPQ x Givenchy bag game.

Middle : Intellectual punk
Saint Laurent blouse, Burberry trousers, Lanvin belt, Dior shoes, Yamamoto sunglasses + Marc Jacobs x Chanel bag game.

Right : Unconventional classic
Saint Laurent body and coat, VĂȘtements jeans, Alexandre Vaultier stilettos + Celine bag.

Saint Laurent runway Spring Summer 18.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
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