TRIBUTE winter 18 : DIOR

Dior is definitely one of the trendiest fashion house right now. Maria Grazia Chiuri did great again here... let me tell you why with this last Dior tribute release. Hope you're not fed up with tributes cos there's a little more waiting in my blog draft section.

Amongst glitter and fringes should be a name for this collection. But what I keep loving the most about Maria's collection is the constant "strong woman" vibe she is delivering to this fashion house. For a long time I considered Dior as the "femme corolle" house, meaning that most of its designers (it's ok dudes do not worry eheh) emphasized that fragile side of women (corolle as the petals ensemble of a flower in French).  I know that it is almost calculated for any Maria collection that there is going to be a feminist catchphrase somewhere - and it might bore some. But please, keep making this happening, especially today - I need more and I will always need more of such in my life.

Hahah got a little carried away and emotional there... Sorry about that. Anyhow, that slide just above is my favorite outfit of the collection. The glitters, the tulle - which are such feminine (or at least femininely connoted) materials - and this combat girl vibe are just perfect. Add red on top of that and I feel that all of my senses are on fire. Hey Alicia Keys. Here is the rest of the elements and feelings I will stole for myself from this collection. Enjoie !

Stripes declinaison.

Monsters under the bed.

Veuve noire.

There are a lot of "Adolescent" and young teenager girl vibe here. You know, that moment when you're not totally a girl anymore, but still not a woman... This is getting quite personal - and I think that I properly adore a fashion house when it moves me that much. I feel that Dior is getting completely my current mood. I am a grown up with responsibilities, but I am still a little dreaming girl deep down and I need to cope with it (although I do not really want to). Anyway, here are my favorite picks of this release.

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert đź’• (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell đź’© (0 and below)

From this Tribute shop
FRINGE JACKET: a definite must, the fringe are very playful but the navy blue smooth it out for a simply casual use *****
TULLE SKIRT: nothing screams more Dior at the moment. Even if the possibilities seem limited, the effect whether the use is will always be mesmerizing (think about on trousers... can't wait to style it !) *****
TUXEDO SHIRT: it's a shirt and it's called tuxedo... drown in this tide wave of white basics BUT I just love the collar and the bust piece, perfect to add density to any minimalist (and almost boring) outfit *****
CAGED BOOTIES: I hated them at first sight, but now I just adore them. Very versatile, and extremely feminine, they are a perfect alternative to the chunky combat boots... for a sleeker look *****
FLAP LOCK BAG: eventho I use mainly the other bag of this release, I adore this little one. Yellow and purple are two weird colors (and not my favorite), but they make it pop up so hard that it can jazz up any outfit *****

Alright enough rambling, let's move on to outfits.
We have that word in French : adulescent, to describe that not so adult but no teenage anymore type of personality... that what I was driven by to style those items

In-between ages.

Left : 20's something girl, with a fervor of living that goes beyond her expectations
Dior jacket & bag, Vetements jeans.

Middle : who's wearing the culotte now ?
Dior booties & tulle skirt, Balmain purse, D&G necklace.

Right : She, the graphic designer ; she, going to paint you in pastel colors and you can't do anything about it
Dior shirt, DVF bow, One of a Kind earring, Balmain skirt, Chanel cuff, Alexandre Vaultier shoes.

Dior Spring Ready-to-Wear 2018.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!



  1. That was a great tribute!!
    It's next tribute to review on the SSS so I'm gonna save my opinions for the post ;)

    Glad to see graphic designer again, I want her to paint me in pastel colors pls, thanks. haha

    1. kinda saw that peaking in my feed and I have to come and visit your blog to read it ! Fendi right ? that one was hard... I'm still working on it cos I can seem to be able to deal with it right now :(
      and yeah, I'll give her a word about it - but do not expect anything, she's on a tight schedule you know creation always comes first (such a jerk) xx


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