FOLLOW UP FM-Style's CYCLE 15 - task 2

It's like this week went too fast. A million stuffs to do and so little time ! I was praying for "your style sounds familiar" tasks, and I was served. I hope it will not be the only one... 😏🙏

I entered FM-Style's cycles for the first time with the 8th session. As it was a special cycle, the whole competition was themed with a look-a-like type of vibe. The goal was to recreate someone's famous style ; and so this is the main idea for this brand new Cycle 15's task. Let see below... 

There were a million reasons for me to choose the one and only worshiped icon on this blog (I won't tell but you know who I'm talking about)... but that would have been too easy isn't it ? So I went for the joyfullest person on my instagram : Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. She is a gem. She is both extremely fun but yet very innovative. A pleasure to work with !

There is no thousand reasons why I love to follow Leandra. I am always suspicious when it comes to bloggers - whether they are genuine or they want to sell me stuff. With her, it is just so different ; I feel like she is always following her path and that - sponsors or not - she is always delivering her unique sense of fashion. The trend I wanted her to wear lately was the tutu-over-trousers ; unwearable, the worst, nasty memories of skirt-pants from 00's. I know she kinda already did it but it was more of a skirt scheme than an actual modern-ballerina statement. Here below you will find a little compendium of what I was thinking about... 

Those girls are wearing jeans, I know... but there is a clue from starting at "every girl can do this" to "eeeeh Leandra nailed it". She always seems to build a very classic and basic outfit. I decided to go for black sweater (that was my weak spot, nothing pleased me in the plaza, I had no time for bazar and my closet selection in that category - yes trust me - was poor), and black tailored pants. Then, she usually pimp it up with heavy jewelry (I stuck to the necklace otherwise that would have been tacky) and she goes NUTS on the shoes (preferably with socks which were a nightmare to pair - so I went for the letters to match the necklace but not so much.. I bet you did not see that coming eheh). Finally, unexpected and often (when not a purse) ethnic and "raw" bag - my French ethnic is the straw one cos I wear wellies casually for work like the country guuurl that I am - my personal touch eheh.

Since I knew what I was doing, no batch of three outfits was necessary here. As the results were released quickly and the writing of this article is waaaay too slow, I know where my marks took me... in the middle. I must admit the contestants this year are very good ; to prove you that, here is a nod to my favorite outfits, also including a cutiepie judge - but that's not a bribe OK (love ya wifeeeey erm sorry I'm an adult not now).

top to bottom & left to right : Mirdith, MajkaStar1999, the_chuba

Mireia impersonated Kim Duong, Michal did a very convincing Chloë Sevigny and Monika showed us a funny and edgy Cara Delevingne.

So, what do you think about this task ?
How would you have done ?

Good luck and stay tuned for the upcoming tasks 😘



  1. Honestly, your outfit was the best for me, I love Leandra and I can completely see her wearing that look! *.*

    1. oooowh Marta ! that is an enormous & tremendous compliment, thank you so much :* haha and happy that my choice pleased you :) WE NEED YOU in the contest, come baaaaaaack ! xx

  2. Replies
    1. ehehehe *wink emoji cos I'm so old I do not know where my emoji keyboard is on my macbook*

  3. Agree with Marta you were my favourite in task 2 too! Anyway love reading your blog as always and specially when it's about the club! :)

    1. OOOOOOOH thank you sweetheart ! I'm happy you liked it, and also my articles :) speaking of which, I should check on yours, I must admit that my favorite part of the cycle is when the recap articles are released ! That is so rewarding love :)


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