It's almost mid-April... so how about a little hotbuys review ? I'm not sure if I should say this here but - and it's not that I'm feeling bored - but I have trouble finding motivation for this column... that used to be my favorite. Tho I feel like it's just a phase, and perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm not found of the last items picked by SD.

I like that they picked a general blue vibe tho. Not sure about that red dress, but the shades of blue are quite interesting. I thought that my selection would be quite small, but I ended up buying almost the whole release. One particular stuff that bugged me tho is that most of the accessories were stored in the parlor, and it's a pain to work with this in addition to editing (and I won't give up on this). Dammit SD !

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert đź’• (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell đź’© (0 and below)

From this month's release
MANSUR GAVRIEL HANDBAG: Extremely classic, could be timeless and hopefully there are flowers to pimp it up. *****
N21 PURSE: It kinda has a very bright color that can be unsettling if you are not willing to commit to build an outfit with it ; extra bonus point for the way it is held. *****
LANVIN DRESS: Buying dresses is actually the worst thing ; a nightmare to style... so do not get me started on plain baby blue long dresses, tho I heard that 1910's gowns are back this year so I'm just curious to see what Brain will do with it. *****
CHANEL BOW: I was soooo reluctant at first like this is the worst from Blair Waldorf wardrobe... but then I made the mistake of trying it on and it was soooo pretty ! *****
OSCAR TIYE SHOES: Alright I'm going to be technic on these : they are black, classic and fun, and also perfectly executed regarding the graphics. My favorites of this month. *****

RANDOM JACKET: I like it... but it looks too hung and not enough worn with proper arm shape... I don't know, just saying. *****

Judged by its cover.

Left : I'm a hippie, but secretly I cannot go through a day with my Chai Tea Latte in Venti with Coco milk
Lanvin dress, Chanel cape, Armani necklace, Saint Laurent boots & N°21 purse.

Middle : Classic outfit so classic it's hiding some unexpected despicable truth
Chanel watch & jacket, Oscar Tiye pumps.

Right : hi I love going to the market on Sunday and the rest of the week I'm an internet troll
Dior beret & trousers, Prada sweater, One of a Kind earring, Mansur Gavriel bag. 

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
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