TRIBUTE winter 18 : FENDI

Although Fendi always screamed Northern Italian  person afraid of getting cold, this collection seemed for me stuck in 40's and 80's, in East-Berlin, under not-so-legal substances. I must admit I was a bit reluctant towards it, and I bought all of its items from the bazaar for almost nothing... which is kinda make me sad actually. Once you get used to be around those stuffs, they are quite fun to play with. It kind of reminded me of once when I was sick at home (the only time eheh I'm a Northerner also myself), obliged to watch old German TV series - hence the header (sorry Fendi) cos there's nothing else to do. It's quirky and old fashioned, but also kinda ridiculously fun and enjoyable.

So, I literally dug in the bazaar, head first, and I found out that the only stuffs that I bought were coming from only one outfit of the runway. Once I've looked up on Vogue the entire collection, I noticed that SD was far from some very interesting pieces, as you will see below. The main lesson I will learn from this fashion speleology class will be navy-blue + fur + stripes is fun, sassy and finally a classic combo that deserves more attention.

Interesting choice of outerwear and stripes.

Stripes and other interesting stripes patterns.

Interesting use of the navy blue and stripes.

That outfit is the best. It's so random that it kinda makes my eyes bleed, but it also attracts my attention. The only thing I wanna do is to dislocate it, but keeping its vibe. I did no fancy montage like for the other tribute articles, just cos I found it so funny that I ended up buying this whole outfit without knowing about it.

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From this Tribute shop
FAUX MINK BOMBER: this is the most interesting piece of the collection ; the fur is perfect, the color is not funky weird and the pattern is just so cool... too bad it is zipped up tho, it's reducing drastically the possibilities of styling *****
PEACH LEATHER SKIRT: ok, that is the real wtf piece of this collection, but it is also very lovable. The color is not that bad and you can always use a midi skirt in your wardrobe... definitely good to wear with a sharp sense of humor *****
TAN JADE HANDBAG: a classic, perfectly executed. The details are insane and it changes from the basic dark colored handbag *****
SHEER SOCKS: you can never have too many socks ; tho these ones are white, so they're coming with an upper lever of difficulty to pair *****
WOODEN HEELS: they're sleek and fun. I'm not asking anymore stuff from them *****
erratum ; those glasses were from another collection and I'm too lazy to take the capture again sorry not

There is definitely a quirky-punk vintage vibe here. And nothing screams more that idea than an awful family reunion - I'm not going to bother you with Inspector Derrick I promise.
So, let's have fun with this for a sec...

DĂ©faite de famille.

Left : Miranda, the sister-in-law who's just so happy cos her daughter finally made it to the Ivy League while wearing her own XS Chanel ensemble, thanks to this very good and very discrete new surgeon cos who needs a psychiatrist when you can have someone trusty to remove your extra pounds like magic must be that, am I right ?
Fendi skirt, Versace heels, Saint Laurent belt & purse.

Middle : Bernard, the brother who keeps bragging about how he made a deal while selling his MG for a very good investment in upper Soho cos the value of these estates just keep growing like crazy you know you got to do something, right ?
Fendi jacket & glasses, Philip Lim booties, Chanel & Marc Jacobs handbags, Saint Laurent trousers.

Right : Linda, after she went on a diner with her family and took a gap year to finally Eat Pray Love but that does not work you liar Julia Roberts - so she'll be back to HR angrier than ever.
Fendi shoes & socks & bag, Vivienne Westwook shirt, Vetements jeans, Gucci glasses.

Fendi Spring Ready-to-Wear 2018.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!



  1. Great post Maurice! I love the first outfit, it is so romantic and elegant!

    I love Fendi and bought some items, but I feel like it's not my style at 100%, anyways still loving the collection.

    Also, why everybody bought the striped tops and I didn't? They say nothing to me haha Maybe I should buy them and try, idk haha

    1. haha thanks sweetheart ! That is my favorite too :)
      I'm not sure either how I feel about it, but I like that it takes me outside of my comfort zone.
      ehehe and I would be so curious to see what you'll do with that striped top, the more I hear about it, the more I start craving about it !! xx

  2. omg those stories behind the outfits are killing me of laughter hahahahaha
    I hope we see Miranda & Bernard again, cause their outfits are bomb! Linda... I hope she's not too much of a pain in the a$$ back at the office


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