SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 - task 1 (the contestants' review)

Hello hello !
ok, so I'm back from a short holiday in the countryside 
(it happens a lot, and there is still no wifi there.. ugh !)
and I discovered the amazing work of the FM-style's cycle 10 contestants for the first task.
I must say, the level is quite high, and without any surprise, very creative !
Since the girls put a poll on their blog - you have to check this out, 
you can judge and vote yourself and decide who did the best job !

I picked the one I loved the most, and here's why :
(pictures are taken from The Stylish Stardoll Sisters)

This is honestly the one I loved the most, because I wouldn't have done it that way at all ; and it's brilliant ! She definitely has a very unique style, and she can definitely compose it despite of the ties of the task. 
She also worked on textures ; that velvet skirt is truly a great deal, and although it's more a winter fabric, she succeeded in giving it a summery vibe. I also adore the gold detailing, that is popping out  of the whole outfit !

That vest was the most used for this task ; since the contestants didn't know about the other ones dealing with it, I find this very interesting. Here, I picked two outfits that I think are the most relevant regarding that vest.
I still think that, in order to manage a monochromatic outfit, you have to work on the textures ; and a good way of achieving that is to use a huge amount of different fabrics.
Marta-43 used an oversize cotton shirt and a feather skirt ; she completed it with some plain blue accessories, that give a sort of deepness in the outfit, making the navy blue even more navy blue - lol I don't know if you see the point of my sentence.
Milagros1000 used black and see-through items, making the navy blue color in the front of the outfit - its focal point, which was the entire purpose of this task !
I love these two outfits because they are a way of dealing with monochromatic ties : the goal is to make the navy blue pop out ; doing this here with lighter or darker accessories !

That's it !
It was kinda hard to pick one - look at it, there're three here - that is the best.
I genuinely think everyone did a great job - I'm just pointing out some interesting methods here !

Hope you liked it as I did,
cheers mate x