SHOPPING : Balmain Tribute

Hé ! 
It looks like I'm on a inspirational day ! 
lol no, I have loads to catch up so.. hear me ramble for a moment today !

Last week, we had to wave goodbye to the Balmain Tribute store. What can I say.. When I started to get interested in fashion, buying shyly Vogue magazine at the newspaper kiosk, I fell in love with Balmain. That punkish-baroque vibe, that gold everywhere, that studs and those shoulder pads ! such good memories - yep, I should get a life.
But still, I miss this Decarnin era.

So, that Tribute store kinda unsettled me. This is more of a eighty-something vibe ; but I don't know really. The items are well made, the pieces are interesting, but I haven't felt like getting Balmain.. Or maybe it's just me, I'm old and senile !

Here's what I picked :

There are a couple of pieces that I loved - although not-so-Balmain for me. I think that this lace shirt is going to be a must have, and those plain red jacket and bra, perfect.

I made a quick outfit with it :

I shouldn't sound that disappointed
those items are actually nice to use, 
and are making some good basics !

 OK, I couldn't resist.

glad I could share my Balmain memories with you,
cheers x


  1. Oh! When I first started buying fashion magazines I also fell in love with Balmain, with safety pins, red black and white <3 Love at first sight! I also miss old Balmain, although I love the new one too :) Hehe Im a fan
    Loved your Balmain memories and your outfit with the tribute xx

    1. haha SAME !
      apparently - I needed a catch up, Christophe Decarnin had a terrible nervous breakdown a couple of years ago.. it's sad, because there were truly something unique in his designs ! I'm not saying that today's designer is bad, it's just.. different from what I was used to call "Balmain", but not so different as what we can see everywhere. I still like it, but not like I used to.. haha that was sentimental :D
      and thanks for your little compliment ;) x


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