SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 - task 1 (my try)

Sometimes, you just roam around SD,
you have no idea of what to do, so you're just :

- filling for the thousand time your virtual changing room 
and buy nothing (we're all broke here) ;

- trying to clean up your suite 
but quickly leave it because you've got a billion pages to scroll 
and that's just not funny at all ;

- checking your friends' page for the hundred time today, 
and remember that we can see on the page who visited it and when 
(I hate it, I always feel like I'm a stalking weirdo) ;

- considering doing a dress-up game 
and remember "no, there're not even updated anymore" ;

you could try competing.

NB: I cannot really remember how I discovered this club,
but I guess my time on SD became more and more interesting.

Mireia and Judith are two sisters
with a bunch of amazing ideas and
a genuine sense of fashion.
They gather for each edition (they call it "cycle")
the top of the fashion cream to help them out
and host one h*ll of a game.

I competed in cycle 8 and 9.
Even though I've lost, 
there's something different about
the people and the atmosphere of
that club that is keeping me interested..

I'm going to follow cycle 10,
called the "secret one",
I'm still not sure how, but certainly
by posting what I would have done and
maybe a recap on what's going on
one task at a time.

If you're interested in learning more,
check out the club here,
or the sisters' blog here.

So, here's the first task (as written in the club's presentation) :

and here's what I made.

                           We've got here a Valentino top, with a Miu-Miu plastic skirt and some Viktor & Rolf shoes - Chanel and D&G accessories and a DVF handbag.

That outfit isn't particularly complex, but I love to mix patterns and textures. Actually, I don't have a lot of navy blue in my virtual wardrobe, but those pieces together seem to fit well. I guess it comes from the fact that this is a deep blue, but since it's not as dark as black, we can still distinguish the different shades made by the textures. The pieces are all the same color, but still you can tell when they begin and when they stop.

That's all for now,
have fun,
and prepare to be stun' !
hahahahahhaha erm.


  1. I love this post! Hahaha
    First of all with the things you wrote about being roaming around stardoll omg, so true everything! Then I see this nice introduction to our club and I melted! Thank you so much! I love that you enjoy so much our competition! And I love that you're doing this for fun. I have to say that your outfit is gorgeous! Love that mix and match of yours! :)

    Btw, cycle 10 is already looking forward to having you ;) xx
    - mirdith

    1. Cycle 11 * (what a chaos! haha)

    2. haha here's a very late reply :
      this is a true pleasure ! I'm having fun and I love sharing things so.. and yeah, I'll be around !
      thanks again for creating this, your sister and you are so good at this !
      cheers love xx

  2. Amazing outfit! You should have been in this cycle, would be a tough competition to all the contestants!

    1. You're so lovely, thanks ! don't worry for me, i'll try again next time ;) but it's actually nice to seat back and enjoy the new talents ! x


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