SHOPPING : Melbourne Minimalist Tribute

I got a "last chance" mail, so it's time to make a little review before it's gone.

This summer's Tribute releases featured a "Melbourne Minimalist" thing. This is actually, if I recall well, the first tribute not officially branded ; I assume there are a bunch of designers in this shop - especially Dion Lee.
I was kinda skeptical first, like : WOW WHITE /EYES HURT /how am I gonna wear this ? I'm not a big fan of white, I can say that, regardless of common basic shirt and tank tops, I NEVER wear white. It's too bold, too bright, too "damn this is going to be stained in a second".

But, if you're used to my ramblings, you know that I have a thing for minimalism - yep, look closer sister-bro, I swear it ! AND this collection ? MINIMAL. PERFECT. But it took me some time to figure what I wanted to buy from it. It started with the bras (good under any see-through thing) and the loafers (I can smell Alexa Chung from here).

So, here's what I picked :
basics mainly, I was so sad that the "triangle layers" knee-skirt had this mesh thing at the bottom. I would have definitely bought it if there wasn't. OH AND THAT GOWN. I'll find a way to wear it as a long skirt, this could be definitely interesting !

I felt like making a scenery out of it, just to highlight even more the MINIMALIST effect.
I really dig into those pieces, the advantage with them is you can make whatever you want with it, from extra girly to boyish stylish.

AND here's the outfit.
The more I composed it, the more it came out weird, the more I loved it. I wanted to give it some surreal vibe, playing with my Birkin hairstyle and those swinging sixties. So I layered a lot, and put some vertical any-kind stripes, and finished off with a graphic belt. My doll looks officially like a villain from The Avengers.

(the fangirl note : A BIT MORE SD PLEASE,
minimalist is heaven and food for my soul)
this is getting weird, sorry.
Here's a sneak peak at some Dion Lee outfits :

Here you go, hope you liked it as much as I did, 
or you can go back to whatever bright pink things you're wearing. 

cheers x


  1. Love your writting! lol
    And the whole post actually xx
    - mirdith

  2. Great outfit! It reminds me a little bit of Cruella de Vil hahahahah! It definitely has a villain vibe I guess... But it's so cool! Villains are so elegant sometimes ;)

    1. I haven't considered it that way, and I can say that I love it ! I think you've made a veiled reference to those cold and distant villains, and I totally agree :3
      thanks love x

  3. Loooove your post and outfit! I have to say that Melbourne Collection is one of my faves. Total white minimalist clothes? Am I in heaven? Haha It's great seeing how other people combine them, so inspiring. x

    1. ahah it's definitely mine too ! we can make so many things out of it :) thanks for your kind note ! x


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