OK, I fear another overdose now, like a seventies overdose. I guess - correct me if I'm wrong - that David Bowie, while talking about the parties in the West Coast of the U.S., who said : "it's like driving a car toward a cliff and being afraid of falling while being both thrilled and excited by the experience"... I might be exaggerating a little bit since I'm going to talk about pixels instead of nightlife drugs, but this is my current mood regarding this trend.
Seventies are great ; but I guess there are two pathways if you want to play with it. I'm not saying I know about it all, but it's just being logical here ; first, you can work with touches : a vintage pattern, a nice corduroy blazer, a scarf under the shirt or a very nice pair of clogs... mixed with modern and almost boring pieces. Attention is on the vintage piece and nothing else. Or, you can go with the full outfit, just as if you were a character in a movie. This decade is clearly about showing off while looking like a very, very and very cool person : look a the Bee Gees singing in that very dangerous ruin, not being afraid of destroying their brushings or staining their white pants at all !

I really dig into that vibe ; it makes me feel so cool about me being fabulous - and a little bit more conceited I must admit. But the more I see it, the more I want to run off. It's almost overwhelming, maybe because the trend is about "exposing yourself" and "being too much". I mean, clothes designers during the disco era were clearly high on glitter - too much of it everywhere, told you so ! I kinda feel exhausted already..

ANYWAY, looks like I'm talkative tonight ! So, the last very interesting release was the Runway shop - a limited store which I LOVE. Pieces are very different : there are some very good ones, and some "meh". But I love that SD took back the idea of catwalk clothing - we usually take guesses on what they were inspired by to draw clothes (you should check this).
And this is definitely seventies themed. Well, what I bought is. And I swear, it's the last time I let myself tempted by this trend. I swear.

I won't style the dresses - but I'll explain why I bought them : I am a fanatic of some Galliano dresses - the mermaid ones ; and they do remind me that. Also, working with that fur seemed to be a good idea at the beginning, but it turned out very ugly so I put it apart.
But the two most interesting pieces where the dress - I don't know if I love it or if I hate to love it, definitely stuck in a vintage era, and the pants - odd shape, odd color but I can't help myself finding them extremely cute !

1. What color does the fox wear ? Blue-blue-blue-blue-blubleblue ! : 
Vivienne Westwood (Runway) pants, Topshop Unique vest and YSL clutch.
2. Be my, be my baby, be my little darling oh oh oh ooh : 
Alice + Olivia (Runway) dress and Versace clutch.

Alright, I'm done now.
So, what did you bought ?
And how do you feel about the seventies ?