Update !

So, as you may noticed, I was literally dead on this blog for a month. I truly don't know what happened... well, I do actually. I think I might had an overdose of SD. This is the weird side of me : I just ran off when I feel overwhelmed ! - ok, hugs everyone, let's talk about something else.

The blog has a new template - great ! Well, I truly cherished the previous one like we don't find it a lot on the stardollsphere and I just loved to feel unique about that. But the thing is, I wondered what you are thinking about what I post, and that dynamic template did not allow me to include that "tick how you feel" feature at the end of each post. 

So I went back to what the blog looked like in its first hour of existence. I think I'm going back to blogging, so I might try new things to improve it in the next weeks ! Just tell me if it's getting too annoying.
The poll also ended and there was one vote more in favor of the "dynamic" template. That is tremendously going to help me decide about what this blog should look like in the future :)

For the lovely ones who often visit my suite, you may have noticed that I did some drastic changes to the doll. I am in a huge lack of inspiration right now, it's like I just can't compose with anything and I just keep being disappointed about the last SD releases. But I'll be back on track somehow, I just need a little bit of time.
Also, the next weeks will be about updating the "FM-Style" competition - spoiler alert, I lost BUT this is getting interesting guys like A LOT. There will be a LE update too and maybe some discussions about basics and many other stuffs (I'm considering starting some HB reviews too).

have fun
& stay creative !
Cheers x


  1. marry me :3!!

    I never get annoyed!! Love reading yooou! :D
    About FM-Style... have you seen the last topic? (wink wink) Maybe you did not lost entirely yet? ;)

    1. Oh! And can't wait for everything that is coming! I would love HB reviews, I don't know why but I love that kind of stuff (I don't do it cause I can't be constant hahah) x

    2. haha I love reading your comments ! they always cheer me up ;) and no, I haven't, but it looks like a coming back thing right ? I may not win this - you know I'm cool about that anyway - but I'll surely need to challenge myself a little to get back on track !
      haha and I don't think either that I can fully fulfill my commitments but.. HB are always interesting whether you like them or you hate them anyway !
      hope you're feeling ok, xxxxx

  2. hmm... sometimes it's really annoying to have a sister who thinks similar to you. Mireia totally stole my comment! hahahhahaha I wanted to say the same! Excited to see all the new posts (really glad you went back to blogging actually cause I love your content) and those rate the quality comments... hilarious!

    1. haha I know that ! I have a sister too :D glad you like it and I hope you'll love what I prepared for the next posts ! x


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