Here's a new column. Like, I was dying for ages to make something like that : this means commitment and, well, let's say that is not my cup of tea... Anyway. Since the February HotBuys that came out are actually really good, I felt like this was the perfect moment to launch such a thing.
I am not sure about making this item by item, I guess I prefer to proceed by recaps, showing you what I got through outfit building - and, of course, feel free to share what you bought, what you liked, what you hated or how you feel about your day (you know I really do care about that last bit) !

Without more useless rambling, here was the SD selection of this month :

This is definitely about the 70s, and I just love it. Well, at the beginning, I must admit I was more a "mod" person than a hippyish enthusiast. But I guess that my inner Fargo "season 2" fangirl told me otherwise, I am also all about the seventies : wide legs, weird sweaters, furs and beige-burgundy-forest colors are so cool ! Actually, it must be also because I'm going to ski next week, and this is the most - for me - seventies sports that may exist - alongside with rollerskating of course.

So, I got four items out of ten that I felt were must haves :
- the bell bottom trousers are definitely a thing and the design & the color are quite good here.
- the sweater has perfect tones and can be matched with so many things I'll turn crazy about it !
- the clutch. Well, not much to say but I guess I needed one like so.
- the furry vest : a bit complex to wear, but I love the instant chic effect !

1. Cuteness overload : bell-bottom trousers & a bunch of Chanel stuff
2. Hey I'm a graphic designer LMAO ! Do you want to see my portfolio ? : sweater, clutch and (surprise) Chanel stuff again
3. Am I a business woman or am I going to a fancy event ? You'll never know ;) : fur vest, Hervé Léger dress and a Birkin bag

So, what did you pick ?



  1. I agree with you about this collection being pretty cool! :)
    I also loove the bell bottom trousers! I love the Dior sunglasses they did too but I dont like the color :( I wish there were black or rosé! I actually bought a (fake) pair on real life in black! haha I would have loved stardoll to release them in black :(

    "Hey I'm a graphic designer LMAO ! Do you want to see my portfolio ?" - Best outfit name EVER! hahahaahah

    1. haha that doesn't surprise me at all ! but sometimes I wonder if it is just a whim and that people are going back to the slim silhouette afterwards.. I just love how exuberant are the seventies !
      I do agree with you on that Dior sunglasses. I don't get the yellow and I guess I would have been mad about the rosé if they did so ;) haha I'm going to explore the sunglasses "shops" in summer, I think the last time I bought a designer shade was Celine (or wasn't, nobody will never know !)..
      haha glad you like my outfit names ;D this one might be an adaptation of one of Jenna Marbles' expressions : "do you want my phone number" in her Drunk Makeup tutorial.. like as if you introduced yourself and then whisper very quickly in their ears the "portfolio" thing :D


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