SHOPPING : Chanel Tribute

Side-note :
 I started to write this last month 
and totally forgot about posting it 
- sorry if it feels a little 
"out of date"...

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So, today's article will be about Chanel. The Tribute store will be gone on Monday, which means that this is your chance to grab a couple of pieces - or if you're patient, Callie's gonna release it again one day or another.

I'm happy when the name "Chanel" drops out in the spoilers. Chanel, Karl, black and white, French - yes, I'm a patriot. But I'm also a little disappointed : this is more Chanel-obvious than Chanel-good. I mean, we can see the brand, but there are so much about the latest collection that should be up front ! It's like buying Chanel for Chanel, not Chanel for this brilliant sense of fashion design.

Still, I bought half of the shop - again. I mostly don't know what I'll do with most of those pieces, but some - I must admit - are really good. There's no actual must-have in this collection, but my very favorite one is the red bag - shouldery, small and no gold features.

I got a little carried away while making some outfits with it. Here's what came out in order of appearance :

1. A bunch of Chanel
2. Too much Chanel
3. Just Chanel

That's it :)
have a nice day, 
cheers and.. Chanel haha !